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  • Excellent for the price

    Like I said these bags are thinner than the ones I purchase in the store and I was worried about that. I was a little nervous to use them on the $400.00 worth of meat I had just bought, but did it and they hold up great. They seal easily and do the same job. Would buy again!

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  • Food Sticks

    Food sticks to these bags. when i freeze it the center part of the bag sticks to the food and gets inbeded and when i try to pull it off it rips the bag, then i can not reuse the bag. the food that does not stick or if i thaw it out, and try to wash them out and particals get stuck in the center mesh strip. i like to reuse the bags but these are not very good for that. they seem to work ok for a one time use but i really don't think they are any good for reusing. in my oponion that makes them way to expensive for a one time use. overall my opinion of vacmaster products they are very cheap quality. i was hoping this brand would be better than foodsaver brand but they seem about the same just cheap junk.

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  • good value
    Verified Purchase

    The "air evacuation part" is a strip is a 4 inch wide piece (8 or 11.5 inch wide size) down the middle of the bag as apposed to the whole interior of the bag. When placing multiple pieces of food make sure there is a gap between each piece, especially down the center of this strip, for full air evacuation. The price, with the cost of shipping, is a good deal in my opinion.

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