Area Rug 5 year Protection Plan

Protect your rug from unfortunate surprises with the five-year area rug protection plan. This area rug protection plan covers accidents including beverage stains, pet stains and tears. This plan covers only accidental damage, it does not cover manufacturer defects. If the damaged item is not able to be repaired, you will be refunded the purchase price of your contract, and your contract terminates.

All damage must be reported within 5 business days, and damage must be from a single incident. Accumulation of stains or damage will not be covered.

  • Food or beverage stain.
  • Human or pet bodily fluid stain.
  • Border tear from a specific incident, up to 6 inches in length.

  • General
  • Any stain or damage that is not specifically listed under the section titled WHAT IS COVERED.
  • When the actions listed in the REQUIREMENTS FOR SERVICE have not been followed.
  • Any stain of unknown origin or accumulation of stains, damage or soil buildup (as well as, perspiration, hair, and body oil) that occurs from repeated use rather than from a particular incident

  • Ineligible Area Rugs
  • Items sold as is
  • Stains or damage on non-colorfast area rugs (a rug that loses color when cleaned according to the manufacturer s cleaning instructions)
    Improper Matinenance, Care, or Misuse
  • Stains or damage on the area rug that has not been properly cared for or maintained, as per your manufacturer s warranty
  • Stains or damage resulting from the improper use or misuse of the area rug, including the use of it beyond the purpose for which it had been designed
  • Stains or damage caused by or resulting in mold or mildew
  • Stains or damage, including color loss or color change, caused by cleaning methods other than those recommended by the area rug manufacturer
  • Stains or damage caused by animals, except pet bodily fluid stains. However, repetitive bodily fluid stains are considered preventable occurrences and will not be eligible for Service
  • Stains or damage caused by extensive intentional activities
  • Stains or damage due to extensive activities, including, but not limited to, ink, paint, crayon, marker, or pencil damage
  • Area rugs that show signs of infestation, including, but not limited to, insects, termites, cockroaches, and rodents
    Manufacturer Quality Issues
  • Seam separation (seam that comes unstitched or unglued) or fabric flaws
  • Fading, color loss, or color change
  • Defects in design, materials or workmanship, except for damage specifically listed in the WHAT IS COVERED section
    Wear & Tear Caused By Repeated Use (over time)
    Damage caused by wear, such as, but not limited to, the following:
  • Stains or damage caused by wear
  • Pilling or fraying of rug
  • Stains or damage covered under any manufacturer s warranties, or under any homeowner s, renter s, or other insurance policy
  • Stains or damage caused by structural problems, including, but not limited to, skylights, roofs, or water pipes
  • Stains or damage caused by fire, smoke, flood, or other natural disaster
  • Stains or damage caused by theft, vandalism, or as a result of any other illegal activity
  • Stains or damage caused by independent contractors, such as, but not limited to, maintenance personnel, painters, or other repair or contractor services

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