Premiere Outdoor 5 Year Plan

Protect your belongings from unfortunate surprises with the five-year outdoor protection plan. This outdoor protection plan covers accident damages including cuts, tears, gouges, scratches as well as stains from food, ink and bodily fluids. The five-year plan also covers frames and spring mechanisms, provided the manufacturers warranty has already expired, so you can rest assured that you'll get your money's worth for your furniture. This plan covers only accidental damage, it does not cover manufacturer defects. If the damaged item is not able to be repaired, you will be refunded the purchase price of your contract, and your contract terminates.

All damage must be reported within 5 business days, and damage must be from a single incident. Accumulation of stains or damage will not be covered.


    Fabric Upholstered Areas and Cushion Sets
  • Food or beverage stain.
  • Human or pet bodily fluid stain.
  • Ballpoint pen ink or marker stain.
  • Cosmetic stain, suntan lotion or suntan oil stain.
  • Bleach stains.
  • Puncture, cut, tear, or rip.
  • Burn or heat mark

  • Wood, Glass, Stone, and Other Hard Surfaces
  • Food or beverage stain on wood, wicker, plastic/resin, or stone.
  • Scratch, gouge, or chip, burn, heat mark, or liquid mark or ring on wood.
  • Breakage, chip, crack, gouge, liquid mark or ring on stone.
  • Breakage of table tops.
  • Breakage of welds

  • Tables and Arc Umbrellas
  • Food or beverage stain.
  • Breakage of umbrella ribs from a specific incident.
  • Operational or structural failure to umbrella mechanisms, if it was covered by an original manufacturer warranty that has since expired


  • Any stain or damage that is not specifically listed under the section titled WHAT IS COVERED.
  • When the actions listed in the REQUIREMENTS FOR SERVICE have not been followed.
  • Any stain of unknown origin or accumulation of stains, damage or soil buildup (as well as, perspiration, hair, and body oil) that occurs from repeated use rather than from a particular incident

  • Ineligible Furniture & Components
  • Furniture sold with stains or damage prior to delivery (as is).
  • Customers Own Material (COM) items.
  • Stains or damage to X cleaning code fabrics and non-colorfast fabrics (fabric that loses color when cleaned according to the manufacturers cleaning instructions).
  • Components and mechanisms integrated into furniture; including, but not limited to, adjustable bed frames, sinks, plumbing, robotics, TV lifts, fireplace, clocks, refrigerators, lighting, or others that are not included in the WHAT IS COVERED section

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