Adjustable Bed 10 Year Protection Plan

WHAT IS COVERED: Guardsman will furnish or pay for labor and component parts required to repair or replace component parts of your bed, or replace your bed, due to mechanical or structural failure arising from a component part of your bed that was originally installed by the manufacturer, from normal usage during the term of the protection plan, if the damaged components of your bed were covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty of your bed or an extended warranty covering your bed Frames Welds Mechanisms (including inclining, reclining, heather, vibrating) Electrical components (including motors, wiring, and remote operation devices), WHAT IS NOT COVERED : General Mechanical or structural failure of your bed or any component parts thereof that is not specifically listed under the section titled “WHAT IS COVERED” Any damage or failure that is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty (except as provided herein), insurance, another service contract, or any extended warranty Mechanical or structural failure that is not reported by you to us within the term of this agreement any accumulation of mechanical or structural failures, including damage that occurs from repeated use, rather than from a particular incident. Ineligible Furniture & Components Any bed located outside of North America Any bed sold without a manufacturer’s warranty or sold “as is”. Ready to assemble furniture (RTA). Any and all pre-existing conditions that occur prior to the effective date of this protection plan Damage or mechanism failure that is covered by a recall or factory bulletins (regardless of whether or not the manufacturer is doing business as an ongoing enterprise) Customer’s own material (COM) items Mattresses Improper Maintenance, Care or Misuse Damage on the bed that has not been properly cared for or maintained, as per your manufacturer’s warranty Damage resulting from improper use or misuse of the bed, including the use of the bed beyond the purpose for which it had been designed Damage caused by or resulting in mold or mildew Damage caused by animals Extensive damage caused by intentional activities Damage caused by theft, vandalism, or as a result of any other illegal activity Damage to any bed that shows signs of infestation, including but not limited to, insects, termites, cockroaches, and rodents Manufacturer Quality Issues Damage or failure resulting from defects in design, materials or workmanship, except for mechanical or structural failure specifically listed in the “WHAT IS COVERED” section. Non-Household Environments Damage that occurs during any delivery or installation process, or before the bed is delivered to your residence Damage that occurs while the bed is not located within your residence, in storage, or being moved to or from storage, or between residences. Miscellaneous Damage covered under any manufacturer’s warranties, or under any homeowner’s, renter’s, or other insurance policy Damage caused by structural problems, including skylights, roofs, or water pipes Damage caused by appliance malfunctions, including air conditioners and water heaters Damage caused by fire, smoke, flood, or other natural disasters Cleaning, preventative maintenance, or customer education Cosmetic damage to furniture, outer casing or other non-operation parts or components Damage to any bed for which installation prevents normal service Damage caused by independent contractors, such as maintenance personnel, painters, or other repair or contractor service

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