10 Year Mattress Service Plan

Rest easy knowing your mattress is protected from damage with this 10-year platinum service plan. Designed to go above the manufacturer's warranty, this platinum service plan covers accidents, fluid stains, punctures and even burns. This complete plan pays for either repair or replacement and even covers shipping to and from the manufacturer. A complimentary mattress protector is included to help protect the life span of your mattress.
Ten Year Platinum Protection Service Plan for Mattresses
Protect Your Mattress With Confidence!

If the unexpected happens, you can rest assured that your mattress is protected for a full ten years from the delivery date. The following types of mattresses are eligible for this Protection Plan: innerspring, pocket coil, foam, latex, air chamber, and adjustable beds. This plan covers only accidental damage, it does not cover manufacturer defects. If your mattress is not able to be repaired, you will be refunded the purchase price of your contract.

  • Any food or beverage stain.
  • Any human or pet bodily fluid stain (except perspiration, hair and body oils).
  • Any ballpoint pen ink stain from a single incident.
  • Any puncture, cut, tear, and rip from a single incident.
  • Any burn from a single incident.

    Click here for Complete Service PlanLife happens unexpectedly. Accidents occur when we least expect them, ruining our most loved property. Little mistakes tend to happen most often to our mattresses. Don't worry about those little accidents with the Ten Year Platinum Protection Service Plan for Mattresses. The Ten Year Platinum Protection Service Plan is a great investment to make.

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