What We Do

tZERO will shape the future of securities trading. Combining cryptographically secure distributed ledgers with processes already being used in the market, tZERO's groundbreaking technology aims to make capital markets more efficient, transparent, and liquid. With the introduction of the tZERO platform, crypto securities trading is now a reality.

The tZERO Platform

With a focus on blockchain technology, tZERO's platform is a system for efficient and transparent trading of crypto securities. The Alternative Trading System created by tZERO allows for 24-hour trading for maximum liquidity and already processes tens of millions of orders a day. Using this platform, public and private companies could potentially trade their tokenized securities on the blockchain, disrupting the restrictions of traditional finance and capital markets.

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What is tZero?

tZero was launched as a subsidiary of by CEO Patrick Byrne in August 2015. A few years later, in December 2017, tZERO announced its private initial coin offering that would raise capital for the platform. The platform aims to comply with regulations from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to allow for more robust participation in crypto-securities trading.

"tZERO has been at the forefront of the blockchain revolution for years," Byrne said in a tZERO press release. "Working closely with regulators since 2015 – launching the world’s first SEC compliant ATS for blockchain assets, the first private blockchain bond offering, and the first ever public issuance of a blockchain security.”

Combining aspects from traditional security trading of the past with cryptocurrency technology from the future, tZero is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain technology.