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Embracing the aesthetics of reclaimed materials, Industrial design brings home the character of an old factory. Worn leather sofas and weathered wood furniture come together with metal fixtures and earthy textiles, utilizing a palette of natural tones and neutral colors like slate, red brick, and concrete grey. Industrial design doesn't shy away from bare brick walls and exposed pipes, giving this style a handsome, unfinished look.

Tips & Inspiration

Industrial Furniture & Decor Ideas

Industrial style draws inspiration from the warehouses and factories that populate the urban landscape. Exposed architecture like ceiling beams, iron reinforcements, and weathered wood all add to industrial design’s sturdy, laid-back character.

How to Get Industrial Style
in 3 Easy Steps

Cool metals, rough-hewn woods, exposed duct work, and tanned leather are common components of this warehouse-inspired motif, while rich earth tones like dark slate, cocoa, and dark cherry wood add depth to the space. Get the sleek style of an urban loft with these simple Industrial decorating ideas.