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Glam design is the embodiment of luxury and splendor. A mixture of enticing textures and eye-catching decor, Glam style features chic details like shag rugs, tufted upholstery, and mirrored surfaces. Giving preference to a more subtle sophistication, a Glam color palette is a mixture of subdued floral pinks, soft shades of taupe, and metallic gold and silver accents. If it's dazzling and elegant, it will fit right in with a Glam decor.

Tips & Inspiration

Glam Furniture & Decor Ideas

Glam design is where luxury meets sophistication in a glitzy decor scheme that seduces the senses. Mirrored furniture, rich fabrics, and metallic accents combine to create a look that plays on the extravagant. Chandeliers with cascades of crystals glitter against tufted furniture draped with faux furs.

Glam Style Decorating Ideas

You can easily infuse a sense of class and splendor in your home with the stylings of a glam decor. Depending on your personal taste, glam decor can be either chic and simple or embellished with details to create an air of Hollywood grandeur.

Winter Glam Christmas Decor Ideas

Glam Christmas decor blends glam style with wintry accents to create a unique look that celebrates the avant-garde. This holiday scheme emphasizes the bright, simplistic beauty of the winter season with bold geometric shapes and touches of polished metal.

How to Get Glam Style
in 3 Easy Steps

Hollywood Glam is where luxury meets sophistication. A soft, feminine color palette dominates this elegant style, while mirrored finishes and metallic details add a glitzy edge to the design.