Bring the fresh sea breeze and carefree whimsy of Coastal design into your home. Whether you live in a seaside home or just love the oceanfront look, Coastal style is easy to achieve with shades of blue,pops of coral, and nautical decor. Embrace beachy textures like rope and driftwood, and create a light, airy atmosphere with white furniture and sheer curtains. Classic nautical patterns like anchors and stripes bring it all together, creating your ideal seaside retreat.

Tips & Inspiration

Coastal Furniture & Decor Ideas

Casual yet crisp, coastal homes are welcoming to anyone and everyone. Coastal design is a decorating theme inspired by weathered furniture and nautical accents found in traditional coastal homes.

Beach House Furniture & Decor Ideas

Beach House style is a unique and modern take on the classic coastal cottage. Whites and blues echo the ocean-centered theme and provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxed, contemporary space.

How to Get Coastal
in 3 Easy Steps

A beachy color palette keeps this look light and airy while decorative elements like driftwood, rope, and sea glass add textural interest to the design. We'll show you how to create your own coastal escape with a few key design tricks.