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You need to buy this mattress
 from Saint Simons Island, GA,  Jul 25, 2013

Let’s go with the obvious first, I like everyone else was nervous about ordering a mattress online and from Overstock a company I had never dealt with before. I have wanted a memory foam mattress for 2 years but did not want to pay the $1,500-$3,00 that the local stores wanted. I hated the idea of not touching or laying on the mattress before buying it…do NOT let that stop you!!!! I read all the reviews, people saying it was not firm, had a funny smell on opening the mattress, etc. I ordered the mattress and the frame to hold it. First let me say they (overstock) delivered both on time, frame came fedex and the mattress UPS…the UPS guy was late as my regular guy was not delivering that day but that aside it showed up on time!! The frame went together in about 5 minutes, easiest frame I had ever put together! Like many of the reviews said, the mattress comes in a big “body bag”…once you cut the vacuum seal it starts expanding fast. Like one other review it does not firm up for about 2 hours. It was “firm” in 2 hours. I have had the mattress for over a week now and slept on it the first night and every night since. Additionally I sprained my ankle the 2nd day of having it and had to spend two days in bed off the ankle so I had to get “used to it” quickly, Many complain of a smell, they must have the most sensitive noses known to man! Sure right out of the bag it had a slight smell for about 10 minutes if you lay on the bed with your nose to the mattress…I let it “inflate” for 2 hours and then put the sheets and everything on the bed. There was NO noticeable smell the first night at all!!! I will add this, if you have never slept on a memory foam it is a little different, I am still getting used to this feeling that my head is lower than my feet, not true but feels like it. When you sit on the bed watching TV you sink a little different than a spring mattress but again this is all “normal” switching from a spring to a memory foam. I can say, having been in therapy for the last year for back issues you will NOT wake up with any back pain at all. Only one night out of 8 have I woken up with anything sore it was a shoulder from sleeping funny with all the pillows I sleep with/on…it was a regular occurrence with the spring mattress. One day is nothing to even talk about! It is not hard as a rock, it is actually very comfortable, yes you sink into it but that is a memory foam, is it hard like rock firm no, is it soft like a goose down, no. It is just like Goldie Lox said “Just right”. You sink in but have firm support. Very comfortable and yet not so soft that it is no good. If you are used to sleeping on a rock (ultra firm) this bed is not for you…if you are used to sleeping on something soft that hugs your body and gives you all the support you need this bed is for you!! Last I will say if you have seen the commercials with the woman jumping on the bed and the wine not spilling, that is probably very accurate. It is a completely odd feeling when a dog, cat, person gets into that same bed. It is not that you move because they get in the bed it is a “sense” that you know they are jumping into the bed. You know there is a “vibration” but if you had your eyes closed and in the dark you probably wouldn’t know it. Additionally many people talk about the “heat” issue of memory foam. I am a very hot person at night, while it is not “cool” as in I do not get hot at night my belief right now is I stay cooler than in a traditional mattress. I am not saying you won’t get hot or feel hot etc if you are a hot bodied person…you will but not as much. All that being said, if you think it is going to be a miracle replacement mattress you are INSANE!!! If you think it is going to give you a great night sleep without some horrible odder the first night and that you will be comfortable…this is for you!!!

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