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Great Toy

 Jun 23, 2017

Super fun toy for a boy bought for my 2 year old son

Transforming Robot

 Jun 23, 2017

Bought for a family reunion! The boy who won it liked it a lot!!

Got to love that eye in the sky

 Jun 21, 2017

The camera was the selling point here, the camera and the live transmitter feed. It's light weight, easy to maneuver and gets some great distance all while broadcasting all it sees right back to you on the remote's screen with a bright, and clear picture.

Fly Away

 Jun 21, 2017

This toy is great, if I am being simple about it. It flies for the right lengths of time. Its colors are nice. One only needs to take good care of it, as one must all things, so one does not lose a toy as valuable as this one. Altogether, satisfactory toy.

Great Purchase

 Jun 20, 2017

Excellent purchase! I had recently gotten another "unbreakable" RC toy, and felt this would be the perfect addition to my collection. I really enjoy the maneuverability of this Heli - and can't wait to take all my RC's out with friends! Keep the good work coming!


 Jun 20, 2017

Great buy! Son Loved, Husband loves it even more. Very durable, stays charged.

Not a fan

 Jun 20, 2017

This Drone is not for the experienced drone user. It is a bit on the cheap side. I purchased for my 12 year old and the first time he used it, the part that holds the phone broke off. We glued it back with super glue, but I would only recommend this for a kid that is very gentle with his/her things. Other than that, the picture is clear and it flys for a long while before dying.

No sound...

 Jun 18, 2017

My son loves the sound of these police cars ... sadly this car makes no sound ☹


 Jun 18, 2017

This drone takes so much time to learn to operate that the battery is dead before you get the hang of it. Then after the charge time wait, you must resume the practice time. I guess eventually I will get a full 10 minutes of flight fun.

One of the best choppers I own

 Jun 18, 2017

I'm not going to say that I intentionally tried to destroy this chopper because of it's claim of being indestructible, but I WILL say that the toy lives up to the claim! While playing with the chopper outside the other day, I lost control of it by mistake and it crashed on the ground hard but was still in good condition. After a few times, I noticed that the toy was staying in tact no matter the w

A blast on a warm summer's night

 Jun 16, 2017

I had never used an RC Helicopter before this, but now it's all I want to do. I bought it for late night bonfires as a fun thing for friends to screw around with but now no one but me touches it. I fell in love with this the moment I got it out of the package. From just lazily letting it buzz about the night sky or hanging army men from it to play with my son, I simply can not get enough. If it


 Jun 15, 2017

My kid really loves this or shall I say his helicopter!! Great speed and and it endures hard winds outside. We even tried it in the house and it was very easy to maneuver and not run into things. The remote control was durable and the helicopter didn't break into pieces ( I really thought the blades might break). Please go buy this... your children would love this! Wow!!!!!!!!

I Enjoy this Toy

 Jun 15, 2017

I didn't actually buy this fun helicopter here on OVerstock, but I felt the need to still write a review for it here. I found that the one that I bought wasn't only fun for my child but I enjoyed playing with it as well. So, I guess it's a fun toy for kids and adult alike. Anyway, I do want to say that this isn't a toy that is recommended for younger kids, also it might be a good idea to ensure

Great Toy

 Jun 15, 2017

This is an awesome toy. Easy to use and fun for everyone in the family. It is a good price and good quality. I would recommend this 100%

Doc Hudson

 Jun 14, 2017

Love the old boy, I have Mater! <3

Your Next/First Drone

 Jun 13, 2017

I was much more impressed with this drone than I expected to be. It flies very well and the camera feed and quality of the pics and videos are eye catching. The screen taht give you a live feed of what this drone is viewing so you can decide what you want on the memory card as opposed to just shooting blinding and hoping you get some great HD shots is what makes this drone stand out from most oth

Love this toy

 Jun 13, 2017

Great toy with great features. It is perfect for people of all ages.

Highly reccommend

 Jun 13, 2017

Fun for ages 4-12..even adults

Nice car set

 Jun 10, 2017

I bought this for my 6 year old nephew for his birthday. It is well made and he seems to really loves it.

Fast & Furious Die-Cast Cars

 Jun 7, 2017

Richard loves all the Fast &furious movies and the cars! He has two of them + this one.

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