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Small as expected, dainty
 from Boerne, TX,  Nov 18, 2013

I bought this set to accompany my purchase of the entire Red Vanilla Everytime set. Prior to opening the package, I hadn't given much consideration to what a 3 oz size cup would look like but, 3 ounces is only 6 Tbls, right? Sure, they're small, perfect for an espresso shot! However, if you're looking for a latte or cappuccino cup with room to add the tasty extras, then you'll want to use the RV-E tea cup often offered on, too. The RV-E tea cup has a lovely shape for serving coffee specialties and making whatever design with froth you care to create. It has a more shallow depth and wider opening than mug-style vessels. The white color complements any beverage or food well, particularly highlighting the complex color of coffee and various hues in teas. I will say, at this small size, the sides are thin, not holding-in heat for too long. However, most people don't take long to drink less than a quarter cup of coffee! Let's face it, this is not a premium brand or production of porcelain. (all the reasons for 4 stars) Nor is it heavy heat retaining stoneware. Without a doubt though, it's fabulous for everyday and can be easily dressed up allowing for tremendous versatility in presentation & use. Despite the delicate appearance of this one RV-E shape, I don't worry about durability. I don't get the impression these are going to break in my hand or with the slightest knock, but then, I haven't tested that theory with rough or careless handling! My best test to date was crushing a stubborn, very hard pill for my elderly dad inside the bowl of one of these cups with a heavy stainless steel spoon. The only crushed item was the pill! I've found several other uses for these cups, from dipping ingredients, to holding my morning vitamins, to serving side sauces, individual butters, crushed pepper, dressing etc, to controlling my nightly portion of Hagen Daas or portioning out just the right amount of nuts for a snack & so on. The saucer can serve as as an on-the-table spoon rest for that messy casserole spoon without taking too much table space. I use them much more than I ever thought I would. The set arrived well packaged, as did all the other parts of my set & serving pieces that shipped at different times. RV uses specially designed boxes with cardboard around each piece. As for concerns expressed by buyers who received broken pieces, let me add that I ordered this with another RV-E extra, so this box & the other box were packed inside another mailing box. I believe that's standard practice for UPS approved packaging anyway. I can't imagine a seller slapping a shipping label on the manufacturer's box & sending as is. It's a small box, easy to get lost, to get stuck under something else or to find itself in the hand of a carrier tempted to toss it in/out of the truck. If yours comes broken and wasn't packaged inside another box, well, then, that explains it. Saving money on packaging ends up saving nothing. Certainly doesn't retain customers. Since not all dishes are offered that way, it's a bonus that the saucers are included in this package. The saucers are proportionate, level & fit well. I've run them through the dishwasher many times by now, at the regular setting, lying down flat on the upper rack. No problem, any time. As for additional storage space, these will safely stack inside up or as I have then, upside down over the other, up to about 2, maybe 3 cups at a time; I choose two. After that, the lightness of the cups and size/shape gives me concern they'll slide off. Keep in mind, the handle is relatively large in proportion of the cup weight/size so sliding off and/or taking a tumble becomes more inevitable. Of course, the saucers are safe in one stack. This set can be stored well using one of those wire inner, space-saving shelves on your cabinet shelf, yielding twice the storage capacity. I have RV-E mugs, teacups & these stored in that manner. If you prefer, I believe these will hang on the typical cup hooks which could be installed closer than usual due to the smaller size. Note that the handles on this set are flat, like a ribbon rather than rolled like a string, so I'm not sure if the bigger cup handles would fit into the hooks. I've enjoyed my Red Vanilla Everytime, especially the generous size of the plates and bowls. The two primary bowls are some of the best I've found for soup/chili, pasta & salad servings.. My husband's favorite mug is one from this set. If these particular cups fit your parameters of use, storage & durability, I recommend them, either to complete your RV-E collection, or as an add-on to another set that can be pared with white. The design/ shape is classic so it doesn't compete with other designs.

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