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Great Product High Quality

 Feb 15, 2017

Happy, works well is machine washable and reusable. holds up good after wash

Quality Machine Washable

 Feb 12, 2017

This product works great, I use it with my other disposable potty pads. The benfit to this product is that it absorbs all of the messes and protects your floors.

dog training collar

 Feb 10, 2017

doesn't work most of the time, and i held on to it for to long to return.


 Feb 9, 2017

I was skeptical at first, I had hoped something like this would solve our issues of our very active Aussie running to the neighbors and across the street, she learned VERY quickly and the setting never went past the 3 mark! 3 months later when we don't even use the collar most of the time. Totally worth it!!!!

great purchase

 Feb 9, 2017

works as expected and battery lasts long.

Great Product

 Feb 7, 2017

My Doxie has been trained without pain!

does not work

 Feb 5, 2017

My dog barks quite a lot s I purchased this dog bark control. It did not control my dog from barking. I would have returned it, but the package it came in was broken.

Good quality!

 Feb 4, 2017

Very absorbant, very happy!

Works for My Fur Kids

 Feb 1, 2017

I have this on my dining room table to discourage my cats from walking and laying on the table. It works.. After a couple of times the cats no longer are on the table. They are smart however and try to figure ways around it so I had to put one on each side of the table.

Electric fence

 Jan 31, 2017

It's working great and easy to install! Great price!

not very absorbent

 Jan 31, 2017

Buy these often. Love the size, but they are not as absorbent as they were before. Also, I almost sent this batch back as the are difficult to open. They are stuck together and almost rip trying to open each pad. Disappointed in these.

These are just what they look like!

 Jan 30, 2017

These are comparable to the pads i buy in stores. They're normal thickness/size. The packaging is just them stockpiled in plastic and tucked into the shipping box you received. I suppose that's where I will keep them but if that won't work for you, I recommend finding an alternate container while you're waiting. It took me about 3-4 days to receive.

Keeping Lg Dog Off my Kitchen Counter

 Jan 25, 2017

This is very effective. I also learned that for the counter, cookie sheets work too. For a sofa, I'd think it would be great. My dog is allowed on them.

Battery operated

 Jan 19, 2017

Rechargeable device is a better option. Batteries are expensive.

Bulky and non functional

 Jan 19, 2017

All though the collar is quite large, we tried it on our lil yapper. It never once vibrated when she barked at our neighbors walking by. We will be returning it.

Didnt work

 Jan 18, 2017

Didn't work for my dog, I saw no change

Puppy Pads

 Jan 16, 2017

These were an excellent purchase! They are thick and absorbent, not flimsy like others I've used in the past. I also have a cat that uses them.

Lost thier scent

 Jan 16, 2017

These were supposed to be lavender scented but had not scent at all.

Very Good

 Jan 14, 2017

We have a new puppy and this was very helpful.

Works great!

 Jan 13, 2017

we have a very stubborn pit/lab mix and this works beautifully. There have been times that he's been let out and we didn't notice that the battery had died and he still stays within his limits. I didn't think it would be possible.

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