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 Apr 30, 2017

works perfect for the space

Excellent Quality-Gate opening to small

 Apr 25, 2017

For the price I was surprised how good the quality is. It is sturdy and was easy to install, the only thing I wish was different is the gate opening, not wide enough if you are carrying anything and you have to step over bottom bar.

Trip hazard

 Apr 25, 2017

Pretty good at blocking dogs but they will nose their way around it. I tripped on it often. I should have bought the stopper things that go with it. Kind of overpriced, saw the same thing at TJ Maxx recently for much cheaper.

Nice length and heigth

 Apr 25, 2017

A bit wobbly- we received it with one of the rungs broken, had to reinforce. Works fine now.

perfect gate while training your small dog

 Apr 25, 2017

Easy to set up and take down, low enough for humans to step over but high enough to keep puppies out!

Looks good and functional

 Apr 24, 2017

This gate has worked well in keeping my pups secured in an area. Its looks great too.


 Apr 23, 2017

Decent to use for small space

Nice Looking

 Apr 22, 2017

Sturdy and nice looking. Should have got another one!

Nice Looking

 Apr 22, 2017

Really a nice looking pet gate. It is not heavy so any big dog could just knock over. I think its a good for my three beagles. They are scared of it falling down so they don't try and get through.

Doggie Gate

 Apr 21, 2017

This works great and can be easily removed if need be!!!! Very good quality!


 Apr 21, 2017

Works well for locking the doggie door.


 Apr 21, 2017

Worth the money because you can lock it if you leave for a few days. Very well built.

Perfect way to secure gate!

 Apr 20, 2017

Without this, the primetime gate is not really going to keep your puppy from figuring out how to push the gate aside.


 Apr 20, 2017

Great to keep puppy out of the dining room. He could probably figure out how to get around it, but he is always in sight :)

They work well...

 Apr 20, 2017

to stabilize but not to keep it from moving.

Perfect choice for puppy!

 Apr 20, 2017

The quality of the wood, the color, and the hardware are really great! My husband and I are very picky, no complaints.

Great find

 Apr 19, 2017

My daughter wanted a way to keep her dog out of the cat bowls and litter. They have a small place and this works perfectly to let the four cats in and the dog out. She loves how easy the walk thru is for her to get in and clean up and keeps the dog out.

Pretty and Practical

 Apr 19, 2017

This is the second gate I have purchased, great quality for the price.


 Apr 19, 2017

Very pretty , but also pretty heavy!


 Apr 17, 2017

The finish on these gates was terrible. No varnish of any kind. Very rough and "unfinished" look. I was very disappointed.

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