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The very best RPG I have ever played

 Feb 19, 2017

CD Projekt outdid themselves with The Witcher 3. Its a gorgeous enthralling game with months of playtime. I give it my highest recommendation. A+++

Great for the price

 Feb 13, 2017

Thanks! Will Be buying again

Can only be played using Steam

 Jan 13, 2017

This game can only be played using Steam. Why buy it here, you can get it cheaper from Steam. If you have the DVD, why do you need Steam to play it. Seems stupid. I returned it and only got back less than half from Overstock. I will not be buying anything from Overstock. They rip you off if you want to return the item.

Decent for a mmo

 Jan 10, 2017

If you enjoy mmo gaming this one is for you, graphics are good but the actions of killing the monsters are a bit animated, but for the price with no monthly fees you will be up in no time in a cool environment and playing with your friends, the worlds are huge and will keep you playing for many hours to come

Sweet Game

 Dec 13, 2016

This game is a blast and with the two expansion packs you will have hundreds of hour of game play, and cutting edge graphics

Fun game, great graphics

 Dec 13, 2016

Games a blast weither your sailing a ship or killing the enemy can't go wrong for the price

Fun Time Waster!

 Nov 1, 2016

I have spent far too many hours playing this game, and I've loved every minute of it. LOL


 Oct 17, 2016

I know it's a popular game however I gave it away because I just couldn't get into playing it.

Fun game

 Oct 15, 2016

I had this for over a week now and it runs smoothly on my PC even at all the settings are on ultra high, works well with a mouse keyboard combo and if you hold down the W and use the mouse to point were you want to go it works great, cool game with lots of extra mods you can download

would not load

 Oct 3, 2016

We could not get this to load no matter how many times we contacted the company that made it.

Wrong Item

 Apr 14, 2016

It is not the limited edition BEWARE!!!!!


 Feb 16, 2016

needs 512mb of vram i beleive from the graphics card


 Feb 16, 2016

only available for windows vista


 Jan 21, 2016

It is priced at or around the same price as most major retailers


 Jan 11, 2016

i watched tons of reviews on youtube and fell in a long time sims fan and i just had to have this...i must say its a A+ in my book

Nice looking game

 Dec 21, 2015

Great graphics. Plot is just OK.

A Christmas gift to myself

 Dec 8, 2015

I just built an i7 system and read nothing but good reviews on this game provided the player has the required hardware which I now do. Can't wait to play it!

Mrs Gleed

 Nov 6, 2015

I loved getting this for my Grand daughter. The club credits i had made it affordable for me to purchase it for her.


 Oct 27, 2015



 Oct 24, 2015

Not what it was made out to be.

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