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Surprisingly Good Mattress
 from Southfield, MI,  Jun 30, 2011

Without repeating myself, I thought I was buying a hard mattress, not a medium mattress. I had searched for firm queen latex mattress and this popped up. (NB: the filters that resulted in that fubar have been fixed. The same search today excludes this mattress, meaning saw the error and corrected it.) Now, had I hated the mattress, I would have been SOL because 1) the description *does* state "medium" not "firm" which would have sent me straight into a chat session with customer support); and, 2) no returns on mattresses. Complicating this was the fact that I moved into a new apartment (ergo the need for a new bed) with the help of the 18 year old son of a friend. Had either of us been able to find someone else, I would have conveniently avoided the really heavy lifting. Result: worst back pull in 20 years. My back was so bad, it was impossible for me to evaluate the mattress. I had to wait until the spasms settled down and the knots melted before I could determine if the mattress was a keeper or a friendly gift to a worthy charity. (Meanwhile, thank G-d for Vicodin!) Fortunately the acute pain disappeared a week or so ago. So, after spending aa week fairly evaluating the mattress, I have to confess that I am more than pleasantly surprised. I *love* the mattress. I had a box spring mattress down in Miami before marrying and moving up north. It too was a terrific mattress, made by a local and purchased through their retail outlet. The mattress set cost me around $900 but was worth twice what I paid for it. So, here I am, a couple of years later, divorced and 1,500 miles from my favorite mattress purveyor. (About the only good thing from the divorce was I no longer had to sleep on a really expensive - therefore, not gonna be replaced any time soon - POS mattress that left me creaking and aching every morning.) And, let's face it, folks: buying a mattress is a crap shoot. I went through the denial stage, certain that I could put together a cross reference of Sealy or Serta or (fill in the blank) matresses that would allow me to choose a style/model/line and then optimize on price. I had to give up like so many before me. I mean, come on: It's ridiculous that every retail chain gets to choose unique names for the various mattress lines, guaranteeing that there's no way in hell anyone's going to be able to pick a model and then do price comparison. *Total* crap shoot. That's when I decided to quit that game. That's when I decided to buy a foam mattress. I had already done the research and knew that the range in out-of-box producer quality was fairly tight, much tighter than amongst the gangsters running the boxspring mattress con. Who knows how long any mattress witll last (servicable life is perhaps the single most important criterion in assessing relative mattress quality)? But I refused to play the big boys' gam any more. I'm happy to let a smaller company take my money as long as I have a sense the game was not rigged as badly as the boxspring scam. I'll accept the risk on longevity. In my research, it's pretty clear that with boxspring sets, unless you're buying top-of-the-ine, mattress life is highly unpredictable, meaning the risk with a foam mattress was no worse than with a boxspring. I chose to go with latex because 1) I don't trust the whole concept of "memory foam". I want a mattress that's firm and will have a consistent feel and support for at least a decade. (Maybe I'm misunderstanding how memory foam works, but the world often turns on the musings of Emily Litella [a Gilda Radner character on SNL who always got everything wrong but was vociferous in her objections]. Why should I be the exception to the rule?!?); 2) I read that latex is really firm, meeting my other baseline criterion; 3) I read that latex mattresses were common before the modern age (aka, the age of extreme consumerism starting in around 1950 and continuing even today), before the boxspring racketeers played the new consumerists like Steve Marin burning up that banjo of his. They just went all out and, in the end, made latex seem archaic. First, rid the market of tecnological competition and then collude (yeah: they all just *happened* to agree that no major boxspring manufacturer was going to allow price competition between any of the chains selling their products) to foment mass confusion at the retail level. I think it's really cool that latex isn't new, it's merely starting to emerge from long, long hibernation induced by crooks in suits with the able assistance of Madison Avenue genius (run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes!) Bottom line, here. I'm delighted with this mattress. My back feels great in the morning. That hasn't happened since before the disaster-known-as-my-seond-marriage to the jerk formerly-known-as-my-wife.I give this mattress the highest grade - subject to longevity. Maybe I can get it with my mattress. Lord knows it wasn't gonna happen with my marriage. <rolls eyes>

  • Did the color match the color displayed onsite? N/A
  • How is the quality of the product? Excellent out of the box (as it were...). Too soon (by years) to tell in terms of product life
  • Did the description onsite accurately describe the product? Well, that was a bit of a problem. I wanted a firm mattress. This popped up in my search. Good price, seems ok, if the 10" if like a rock, how much more so the 8", right? I knew the search filters were messed up as soon as I sat on the thing.
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