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 from LOS ANGELES, CA,  Oct 10, 2010

Whole body vibration therapy was something I first discovered in spas in Los Angeles. I later found that Access Hollywood, Extra, The Doctors and Tyra Banks all have segments on the topic that you can view on YouTube. I became intrigued with trying this kind of therapy after suffering from immediate and drastic and very painful digestion issues (SIBO or Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth) after laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis. That led to symptoms of malabsorption, causing extreme fatigue, muscle joint pain and weight gain. Already having seen an OBGYN, GI doc (for diagnosis and antibiotic treatment) and a ND (giving me strict diet and supplement plan), I was on the search for additional natural solutions to bring a solution, since I was still suffering a year after surgery. I knew exercise had to help, but I was in too much pain to move much at all, let alone get myself to a spa every day for a ten-minute treatment. (Getting ready for work or going to the grocery store or doing laundry or cooking was so difficult; I felt disabled.) I needed something in my home, that I could use daily. When researching affordable mini home machines, this was the most compact and the lowest price one I found (due to Overstock’s competitive pricing and wonderful $2.95 shipping fee for all items). I wanted something small that I could put by the couch (to lean on if I needed to) and TV when using and put away in a closet when company came. This machine is no joke. It is a wonderful quality machine. (I believe it is from Japan.) It is very sturdy and the electronic panel is divine. Just lean over to power it on, program it (I like the auto-program #2 the best), step on (bare feet with socks is best), and press start. Ten minutes a day is all that is recommended. I have also heard that 20 minutes a day is common, but no more. The first time I used it, I felt relaxed and jolted at the same time. The forced circulation from the vibrations makes you feel giddy or euphoric and energized. The plate that you stand on moves back and forth, left to right, right to left, kind of like a skateboarder would, but in tiny, tiny fast movements. (You cannot see the plate swaying.) It is a really amazing product. My energy, mood and digestion greatly improved in just a few days. My skin even looks newer and more toned. I am even losing weight (the most important reason I wanted this machine, because I am vain and was extremely unhappy with the post-surgery weight gain). My mobility (or my ability to walk with less rigid movement) and joint pain has vastly improved. I still have digestive issues, but if I feel uncomfortable after eating and get on the machine an hour or so after eating, it greatly reduces pain and bloating and lackluster energy from digestive problems. I have had this machine for half a month and it is improving my health and therefore my quality of life. I highly, highly, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighly recommend. Your health is your wealth and this machine will not disappoint. The Benefits of Whole Body Vibration Machine: (1) INCREASES CIRCULATION (for good health) (2) INCREASES LYMPHATIC CIRCULATION (for detox) (3) TONES ALL MUSCLE GROUPS (to burn fat) (4) INCREASES METABOLISM (to burn fat) (5) RAISES ENERGY levels (helps chronic fatigue) (6) REDUCES MUSCLE AND JOINT PAIN (helps arthritis and fibromyalgia) (7) INCREASES BONE DENSITY (helps osteoporosis) (8) IMPROVES NERVOUS SYSTEM functions (9) IMPROVES ENDOCRINE SYSTEM (increases serotonin, reduces cortisol, increases testosterone) (10) IMPROVES GI SYSTEM (helps digestion, colonic movement, IBS)

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