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Hidden Litter box

 Jan 20, 2017

I hate doing these Surveys, but, it is good.......

Cats likes it!

 Jan 18, 2017

Bought last year. Not people used friendly. Hardware inside on top panel had limited clearance. Then after only a few months it came off. My cat seems to like it, it could be a bit longer for full grown cats.

Piggy Pad

 Jan 10, 2017

This was bought for a pair of Pot Bellied Pig babies. They love it and use is religiously.


 Jan 5, 2017

Absolutley amazing! Easy to clean and hides any odors!

PetSafe tray refill

 Dec 31, 2016

My shipment was fast and these refill are better then the ones I ordered on Amazon. They come with bags to put dirty trays in when throwing them away. Very happy with purchase.

Nice and Great Customer Service

 Dec 24, 2016

It's a nice unit. Howe very, ours came with a cracked divider. Overstock was wonderful and sent us a replacement right away.

Mismatched colors

 Dec 22, 2016

I ordered 2 of the same color since I have multiple cats and have 2 litter boxes. They are 2 different colors, which sticks a bit since they are right next to each other. Disappointing

The cats love it!

 Dec 20, 2016

Hides the litter box well, smell seems to stay inside well too. Cats love to scratch at it (thank goodness, since they would have gone for the couch otherwise) and hang out on top of it. Would definitely recommend!

Lovely Piece of Furniture

 Dec 20, 2016

I am pleased with this purchase. We were able to put together fairly quick despite the many pieces. I found, once put together that my litter box didn't fit with the center divider installed. Since I have a large Maine Coon, going to a smaller box is not an option. I simply removed the divider. Perfect fit! I'm very pleased that both my cats use it, even the big boy! My box has high sides so their


 Dec 14, 2016

Traps litter, but cats still track some onto the floor

Awesome enclosure

 Dec 12, 2016

This exceeded my expectations. It's larger than I thought it would and much sturdier. Space for my cats litterbox and for storage! Highly recommend. The carpet isn't super plush, but not a dealbreaker.

Heavy Durable

 Dec 12, 2016

Very durable, my cat is not a big fan but I am working on it. Hides and conceals well.

Love It!

 Dec 10, 2016

Its what I was looking for

Kitty Condo

 Dec 7, 2016

This kitty Condo, Litter Box was an excellent purchase. Very sturdy and nice looking. You would never know that it serves a litter box. Recommend to all cat owners who don't want litter all over the place. It's worth the price.

Not Desinger & Not Functional Furniture

 Dec 7, 2016

The description is (unless they updated it finally) very vague, leaving the impression that it doubles as a bench. That is not the case. This is just a enclosure to give the cat privacy. You can NOT use this as a bench. So if you have children I would advise not ordering, as they may try to sit or play on it and can get seriously injured. The over all look is ok. But bottom line for the price it s

Morgan Lorenz

 Dec 5, 2016

Great product that has been durable and easy to clean! It was a bit confusing to set up as each piece had to be connected in a particular order. However, that was the least of my concerns. Note: the lid piece/cover of a simple, plastic litter pan does not fit inside the box so the litter pan is exposed.


 Dec 5, 2016

The picture made it seem like the mat would cover everything but that is not the case. I would say that this mat is overpriced for what you get. I am truly disappointed, I will try and get as much use out of this. Until I try out a different brand.

bad quality - fell apart

 Dec 5, 2016

overpriced, bad quality, cheap product you can tell that this is made in china, mine literally fell apart after a month.

Low Quality

 Dec 2, 2016

I set this mat up for my cat and I noticed right away my product had holes int he back of the mat. I gave the Mat a shot and it did not do a good job catching the litter a towel would have worked better.

Smells Bad

 Dec 2, 2016

This mat held my cats urine and feces smell in it. Overall this is a bad quality product.

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