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very affordable and high quality

 Oct 20, 2016

Love this oil! Smells very very good!

Essential Oils

 Oct 19, 2016

Though a member of the mail order oils company, I sometimes need/want something different. The grapefruit oil is AMAZING as is the cinnamon but I've since discovered I do not like ginger. The oils themselves leave more residue than I am used to based on the other oils (of all different manufactures) I use so it means I have to rinse/clean my diffuser more often which isn't always a bad thing but i

Beautiful bracelet

 Oct 18, 2016

Love this the oil holder...I like earth tone aromas. The only problem is latch on oil holder has to be tightened. It clicks closed but opens up constantly and the pad that holds the oil falls out.

Quality Oil

 Oct 18, 2016

Excellent grade essential oil. Use in diffuser and in different jewellery pieces that have oil sachet holders. Mix this scent with others. Great smell.

love this product

 Oct 18, 2016

my heels have never been better I love this product so much bought a few for stoking stuffers

Work better then I thought

 Oct 18, 2016

These worked well will remove hard callice after about a week I am happy I got these I dont think they will last long though

Perfect Pillow at a perfect price!

 Oct 11, 2016

This buckwheat Yoga / Mediation pillow is wonderful, I have lower back problems and can not sit on the floor for long, using this, my back does not hurt and it is very supportive and I can smoosh the buckwheat around to make a perfect indent for my butt!

Love my new yoga mat bag!

 Oct 6, 2016

Simple sufficient bag. Roomy enough for towel and a few other small items.

Kim T

 Oct 6, 2016

I love these! One last for months.

Good quality

 Oct 5, 2016

Long lasting and good quality for the price

Good variety

 Oct 5, 2016

Good quality for the price

Looks like soured yogurt!

 Oct 3, 2016

I received half a jar! It looked like it was a left over batch that was never blended! It was not what I expected from what it was presented to be. Returning item!

70's Scent used as perfume!

 Oct 3, 2016

Such a natural sandalwood, floral but earth tone smell. Very natural and refreshing scent. Always get complemented when wearing this. Also use in my diffuser. Excellent calming scent!


 Oct 1, 2016

This came in really fast. It's nice to have spray for a yoga mat to kill germs and deodorize. I was using Clorox wipes before but wasn't sure if they were damaging the mat. I feel better about using something made for the mat.

Yoga set

 Oct 1, 2016

I love it. The shipping time was very quick and it's just what I wanted

Love, love, love!

 Sep 30, 2016

I have tried every lip balm out there...from Dior to Korres and between. This is the only one that keeps moisture in your lips and protects them at the same time...also flavor reminds me of condensed delicious to apply!!!

Conditioner bar

 Sep 29, 2016

Love this conditioning bar. Easy to use and a pleasant smell.

Convenient product

 Sep 28, 2016

These are great if you want to ice while doing other things. Very easy to walk around the house in. My athlete son uses these all of the time.

Not purple

 Sep 27, 2016

I bought this thinking it would be a vampy purple, but it is more of a burgundy or wine shade, with more red than purple. The color is still lovely, but the formula is too emollient; it wants to move around on the lips. This lipstick applies patchy, though it can be build up somewhat. I highly recommend lining AND filling in the lips with a matching lipliner before wearing this.

Bright red

 Sep 27, 2016

This is a beautiful, slightly warm bright red cream. It's opaque and pigmented, with no patchiness. Though creamy, I didn't have any issues with it bleeding. I'm very happy with this lipstick.

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