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Great item

 Aug 31, 2016

Great range finder works very well for, I am not a very good golfer so I can't say that it is right on as far as yardage goes bit it does what I need it to do.

Awesome product, AWESOME Customer service!!!

 Aug 30, 2016

I ordered what I thought was this product for my husbands birthday, however, due to an error with overstocks description of the product, I received the wrong style. When I contacted customer service they were amazing...they listened and were willing to admit their mistake and corrected it immediately, and when I say immediately, I mean in less than 1 hour!! I cant thank them enough for the car

No Buddy

 Jul 26, 2016

It stop working after I used it twice!

A comfortable device

 Jun 28, 2016

This Golf Band is very light weight and displays accurate and clear yardages.

Montana Golfer

 Jun 23, 2016

Great purchase! Husband loves it! Even our small local golf course was pre-loaded on the device.

It works but it will cost you every year

 Jun 22, 2016

I purchased one last year and love it BUT, you will have to pay for a membership AND here is the kicker, the batter only lasted a year. SO you must pay $* to replace the battery. SO if this is every year you are looking at an expensive tool. I called customer service and was told this is normal that the batteries stop holding a charge. I can deal with the $* a year for the membership (for the deta


 May 27, 2016

Bought it for my husband and he is very pleased with it. Holds the charge throught 18 holes and more. It's also acurate.


 May 20, 2016

Love it - most of my golf friends also use some sort of range finder on the course.


 May 4, 2016

Good product that is pretty accurate. The charging system needs a little work.


 Feb 10, 2016

Thought it could be better.

So far so GOOD!

 Jan 10, 2016

Everything about this device is AWESOME! So far that is! He hasn't had a chance to use it considering it's WINTER here in Chicago. But he LOVES it so far. It's rugged and has options available that MOST of the GPS devices DON'T! The part he is most excited about in fact!!!! That being tabs to stick on the end of your golf club that registers your swing motion and then tells you which club should b

Nice GPS

 Dec 21, 2015

I bought this GPS for my husband with the leather belt holder off of ****** he loves it. This is a step up on the one I already had that he seemed to use every chance he got. This one shows all 3 distances on one screen.

Sky Gold Sky Caddie

 Dec 16, 2015

This was purchased as a gift

Golf Buddy

 Dec 11, 2015

Small, compact, light weight, just got it the other day and works just like it says it does. When it stops raining will try it our at the golf course. Fast shipping was awesome..

Golf buddy

 Nov 25, 2015

Great item! Use it twice a week when golfing.

Great gps

 Sep 1, 2015

This is a great golf buddy I use it every time I play improved my game.

Great little unit

 Aug 20, 2015

This is a great little unit. I would recommend buying a little golf bag clip as I keep this on my bag and it comes in handy when pulling the club out of the bag. I noticed it is very accurate and I would recommend this product

so so...

 May 27, 2015

Was hoping that it worked the way a surveyors scope worked, with focus equaling distance. This "scope" requires a view of the entire flag pin and even then you are left with an approximate measurement. It actually provides no more useful info than my own personal guesses based on a glance at the 150 yard marker. It is sitting on a shelf, ready to be re-gifted as a gag gift. Spend the $$$ differenc

great gizmo

 Apr 2, 2015

bought this for my husband who is not a gadget person. worked for him with little effort. it works, and he likes it!


 from Phoenix, AZ,  Jan 15, 2015

My husband LOVES this he golfs weekly and really is thrilled with it. He said it works perfectly and all his real"golf buddies" want one now :)

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