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Great little magnets!

 Feb 14, 2017

I love these little magnets! Can't believe how strong they are and how neatly they hold all of my pictures, etc. on my refrigerator. Can't have too many!

My mudroom

 Feb 7, 2017

seems AOK so far- haven't used them yet

Work well

 Jan 28, 2017

These work well but I can't seem to get it off of my chalkboard.

1 out of 3 works. OKay

 Jan 2, 2017

1 out of 3 provided markers work. They are NOT fine tip.. they prime and write like all the other white/chalk type paint markers. Once primed which takes a while, they do write. I would prefer to see better quality.

Excellent art supplies

 Dec 29, 2016

These are phenomenal chalk markers

Cheerful Colors

 Dec 27, 2016

Easy to write with and the colors are vibrant

looks pretty but hard to read what you've written

 Nov 20, 2016

this is so much prettier than a white board, but not practical. very difficult to read anything you write on it because there is just too much pattern in the background.


 Nov 10, 2016

Very easy to customize! I am very happy with our purchase. It looks sharp on stainless steel appliances. Nice organizer for family glancing! Not gawdy like most dry erase calendars.

Great marker

 Nov 1, 2016

I like the fine line marker, looks great on my black dry board.

Perfect sized calendar!

 Nov 1, 2016

use it on my fridge...helps with the day to day insanity ..easy to clean


 Oct 25, 2016

Nice design but print wears off immediately after you write on it

Great fountain pen

 Oct 24, 2016

First fountain pen I have purchased. Made in the USA which is great! Great for writing. No troubles with ink flow so far. Every so often flow does not start right off but I think it is user error. Love writing with it especially letters to mail. Great pen over all!


 Oct 22, 2016

Strongest tiny magnets you'll ever find!!!

Kids love it

 Oct 14, 2016

Great board and the kids use it daily

Looks great, nice and stylish

 Oct 1, 2016

These look great, nice and stylish. They are a little darker in color than the photo. There was a slight painting issue, where in an obvious place the paint didn't adhere. So I went to the craft store and bought a bronze paint stick to paint it. Looks fine now. The Fleur-de-lis bookends are more heavy duty than the other set that I bought which are the beautiful bird bookends


 Sep 17, 2016

Strong, small, convenient without adding too much refrigerator "bling". Even got compliments on these from out of town guests - easily impressed?

White dry erase...who knew!

 Sep 13, 2016

I didn't even know that these existed... Upon receipt, after taking a moment to start the ink flow in the pen, this dry erase pen works great and will fit the need that I have for them perfectly. I tried locating these at numerous stationery stores and failed. Thus, I'm ordering more for 'back up' and 'spares' ;-) A nice WHITE dry erase pen!

Love it

 Sep 1, 2016

I bought these for my daughter to use in her dome room and she loves them.

Cute as can be

 Aug 24, 2016

After moving it twice It won't stick to anything markers dried up quickley

chic refrig art

 Aug 5, 2016

looks very nice on my black refrigerator!

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