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bought as gift

 Aug 19, 2017

fought as gift would recommend


 Aug 18, 2017

Am using it now, had many compliments on it. Nice size.

Beautiful and Stylish

 Aug 17, 2017

Plan on standing out if you buy this beautiful scarf with the Laurel Birch cat designs. It is absolutely elegant, classy, and stylish. It is very colorful and tastefully designed and will go with so many outfits. I am so happy with this purchase.

Handy and Convenient

 Aug 8, 2017

This little board tacker is handy and convenient, it's light weight but very durable. I've had it for a few years now, and it's still working, no frills , but I got what I needed.


 Aug 2, 2017

Bought these for a work project and they are great strong magnetics. Just smaller than a penny.


 Jul 25, 2017

If you need a gift for any crazy cat ladies, I recommend this scarf! Actually, I recommend anything Laurel Burch makes, because it is all quality both in construction and materials.

great socks

 Jul 25, 2017

These are the cutest socks, especially with short jeans! Laurel Burch rocks! Every item I've ever purchased is well made and is of high-quality materials.

cute with jeans

 Jul 25, 2017

I love these socks! They look so cute with shorter jeans. And, I gotta tell you, Laurel Burch rocks! Every item I've ever purchased is well made and is of high-quality materials.

Two for one

 Jul 22, 2017

I received two bags, and my sister stole one of them. They are light weight, yet you can cram them with essential items. The purses are beautiful, and just what a feline loving woman wants.

Oversized tote

 Jul 22, 2017

I love this tote. It is huge and will be great for transporting to and from work, where I teach Senior English.

Love this cross body bag

 Jul 22, 2017

It is light weight, yet you can cram it with essential items. The purse it beautiful, and just what a feline loving woman wants.

Love this tote!

 Jul 21, 2017

The colorful design makes me happy! I use it for my knitting and the pockets are great for scissors, measuring tape, and ally notions. The bag is very sturdy and well made.

Love it

 Jul 16, 2017

Just the right size and looks beautiful.

great solution!

So happy to have found these strips for the artwork in our home! Reliable and damage free!

Laurel birch bag

 Jul 10, 2017

Love her different bags. I get the small and mefium sizes to.hold my different knitting projects. The bag I purchased here was very well made, sturdy. Fun print and the perfect size for either socks ir accessory projrcts. The price here was very.good, too

Strong hold.

These picture hanging strips are very strong. Love them.

great fun

 Jul 3, 2017

i love these finger puppets and try to gift a set to all the new babies in my family. they will last into adulthood and be a fun time reminder of animals.


 Jul 2, 2017

Bought for gift. They loved it


 Jun 23, 2017

It is American Made which is wonderful

My daughter-in-law loves it!

 Jun 21, 2017

I bought it as a Birthday Gift&my daughter-in-law couldn't stop raving about it! She's an Arts and Crafts person, so I'm very glad she loved it.

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