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 Mar 21, 2017

My sixteen year old son loves it. It really made his bathroom fun, and manly...

Nice looking and different

 Mar 18, 2017

It is ok. I wanted something that had a pattern to it for a small bath. It doesn't roll up or slip around.

Poor Quality

 Mar 17, 2017

Did not like the quality of the fabric

buckwheat pillow

 Mar 16, 2017

I love this pillow. Hope they never stop making it.

Colors Not Nearly As Bold

 Mar 14, 2017

We'll be returning this item as the colors are not nearly as bold as represented in the picture. The colors appear washed out, and as a result the item looks cheap. Love the picture online, not the curtain in reality.

Red makes a statement

 Mar 14, 2017

Nice fabric....good color...well filled

Nice Soft Sheets

 Mar 13, 2017

These turned out to be nice soft sheets for my granddaughter's bed. They fit nicely and come in an excellent selection of colors

No pillow

 Mar 13, 2017

I didn't notice that this was just a pillow cover. For what I paid for it, there should have been a pillow in it.

Fit perfect, nice quality

 Mar 9, 2017

bought this for two twin mattresses i have on a day bed w/trundle. they fit perfectly and look great!

Love it

 Mar 6, 2017

Very nice quality shower curtain and I love the design!

Nice product but is not what I ordered

 Mar 2, 2017

Very nice cover that I would have given 5 stars, but isn't what I ordered. I tried exchanging it but it came wrong again. I figured the *** with it and just kept the wrong one, it's not worth my time. Made in USA is awesome. *** .

Was not impressed with the quality.

 Feb 28, 2017

Maybe it's because I ordered another set at the same time and it was so much better, for the same price.

Mildura Rose ring

 Feb 22, 2017

Love it. Very pretty and dainty. MARVELOUS!!!!

nice pillow

 Feb 19, 2017

looks good and is good quality

So glad it's waterproof with a teenager!

 Feb 19, 2017

Ok here's a TOTAL mom reason for buying this mattress protector- I bought it because this is on the playroom bed/daybed and my teenage son hangs out in there with his friends or by himself to watch tv. What happens when a teenage boy is alone? He eats and not neatly. So I bought this so I wouldn't have to panic and totally stress when he asks for paper towels. The mattress protector is very well m

Love the cushioning and it's reversible

 Feb 19, 2017

I ordered this for my son's mattress because the mattress he has is very firm and he just started to complain about his shoulders. This was a super purchase for him because of the added cushioning this mattress pad offers. It's great too since my daughter is allergic to down, so she is safe sleeping on this as well. The stitching is strong and with its 12" squares it keeps everything in the correc


 Feb 18, 2017

This is perfect for children. This mattress protector is just what we needed. It fits a twin size bed perfectly, and does just what it says. My child takes a sippy cup of water to bed every night. It ALWAYS leaks.. and end up stripping everything and having to air out the mattress. This waterproof mattress protector works great! It stops leaks, and fits very nicely on the mattress. I am so g

GReat mattress pad!

 Feb 18, 2017

This is a very nice, thick mattress pad. This works great on my son's mattress. His bed was in need of this due to it being a bit older. The mattress pad fits perfectly on his twin size bed, and offers a bit of padding. The mattress pad is fully washable, and does protect the mattress from spills. I washed this once and air dried it. It works just great! I am happy to have received this ite

Great comforter!

 Feb 18, 2017

This is a great comforter. I bought this for my daughter. She loves to change up her rooms style and this comforter is easy to put in a duvet cover. The comforter has a nice weight to it, and does a great job at keeping her nice and warm. The comforter is soft and well made. It's easy to wash in a regular washing machine, and I just air dry it. This comforter is fits a single bed nicely. It'

Great quality and price

 Feb 16, 2017

This particular protector is great because it's not a full zip one so it's much easier to put on. Even with some tugging and pulling, all the stitches stayed in tact so that's good quality right there. It has a thinner terrycloth material on top and a good waterproof backing, which is perfect for a young child (potty trained, but yes, accidents happen.) It's priced well for high quality especially

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