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Get Ready for Presidents Day 2019 Deals

Originally called Washington's Birthday, Presidents Day was first conceived as a holiday to honor George Washington. It was later that Abraham Lincoln was included in the celebration, and the holiday was pushed to the third Monday in February, as both Lincoln and Washington have birthdays in February. Today, the day is now used to honor not just Washington and Lincoln, but all American Presidents and what they have done for the United States.

Not just a time to pay homage to our former presidents, Presidents Day has become known for the sales that many stores hold over the weekend. Presidents Day weekend is a great time to save on TVs, furniture, appliances, and mattresses.

Whether you are taking the long weekend to indulge in some R and R or are taking advantage of all the savings to be had, we here at wish you a very happy Presidents Day.

Shopping Tips

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How to Find the Best Cyber Monday Deals

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What Is Cyber Monday

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What Shoppers Are Saying

MUST USE (4) 12" Concrete Pavers for Base Support

I'm surprised all the people who bought this and complained it falls over. They did not read the description on the sales page here, that it MUST be weighted down at the base with (4) 12' square concrete patio paver stones, otherwise it will fall over. Duhhh... I first bought one of these 6 year ago ...
jamesaruthur December 14, 2013

Helps with husband's sciatica

My husband has sciatica and also sleeps in weird positions sometimes, so he is always complaining about the bed. He also gets hot easily, so I was wary about buying a memory foam topper. I did tons of research and looked at densities, reviews of brands, how thick, etc and decided to get this topper ...
Tiana M. June 02, 2015

Great Deal - Excellent Generator

"Prior to purchasing this generator I did a lot of research on generators, so many different brands, so many different products which had different motors, gas tank sizes, various electrical connectors and connections, run time, some had electric start of which some came with the battery included and ...
alphaomega9600 November 12, 2010

Average quality but a great price

I got this rug for my bedroom thinking it was a great deal, Safaviah has a solid reputation, and I have a ton of friends who have bought similar rugs from this manufacturer via I've seen this rug style EVERYWHERE, so figured I couldn't go wrong when my girlfriend moved into my apartment ...
FurnitureAddict November 17, 2014