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Labor Day

Thanks to our Labor Day weekend sale, this holiday is one of the best for shopping deals!

Labor Day furniture sales are a great time to find a new armchair or leather sofa for enjoying the football games ahead. And if you're serious about getting ready for all those games -- or even just the fall TV season -- then you'll want to upgrade your television, too.

It won't be long until the temperatures start to drop, and Labor Day sales are the perfect event for creating your cozy retreat. Finding bedroom furniture on sale will set you up for many restful winter naps.You can warm up your home with new area rugs, bedding, lighting, and more home goods during our Labor Day weekend sale.

If you're ready to dive into the refreshing days of fall, then Labor Day is your chance to build a wardrobe. A Labor Day sale is often the best way to wind down the summer season and get ready for something new. Plus, if you're someone who holds strictly to the rule of not wearing white after Labor Day, you may just need a few new stylish outfits from our Labor Day online sale. This is the time of year to shop for sweaters and boots for the whole family.

For those of us trying to squeeze in one last summertime bash, Labor Day comes as a welcome delight. Whether it's a poolside cocktail party or a camping excursion still on your summer to-do list, Labor Day is perfectly situated at the end of the season to give you an excuse to revel -- and to do some online shopping!

Make Labor Day count this year with the Labor Day sale from Overstock™.

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I have been looking for a King size French Tile bedspread in Buttercream for nearly a year. I have searched every website I could find and only found one place that had the king in buttercream, but it was over $***. I almost bought it, but kept looking. We finally replaced our bedroom carpet and it ...
bhaux September 21, 2013

Great service from Overstock

This review is really more about Overstock's excellent service than about the bed, though that was fine too. The bed looks as pictured and, judging from my husband's efforts, went together easily and quickly. What I really want to talk about is Overstock's service. The bed was supposed to come in 3 ...
Gigi L. September 20, 2016

A God-Send Of Support Softness For My Bed!

I think this is the best topper you can buy FOR THE MONEY THAT YOU SPEND. I'm sure there are much better toppers out there, BUT you're going to have to PAY for them! That being said, this is the 2nd identical topper I've purchased through Overstock (and my 2nd review.) What I like about this topper ...
kerroj September 01, 2014

Very nice, cute shed

I purchased this shed last summer but didn't assemble it until 2015 Labor Day weekend! It was stored on my patio on the shipping pallet, covered tightly tarps. I'm a 5'5" tall, 50ish DIY woman; my strength is ok but I'm height challenged and my "wing-span" is a little short for this type of build,...Despite ...
mdonlineshopper September 11, 2015