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White Foam Floor Tiles

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Multipurpose EVA Foam 24-foot Flooring Exercise Mat (6 Tiles)
"Good padding, does what it is needed to do." by Debi M.

Works well under our workout equipment. The only small issue is that when I box on the heavy bag, the foot work that you have to do sometimes spreads the pieces apart a little. It doesn't totally come apart and all you have to do it kick it back with your foot.

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Soozier 72 Square Foot Puzzle Foam Protective Floor Interlocking Tile Mats - Wood
"Nice mats for the price" by Erik R.

Used three sets of these under an 8' Intex Easy Set pool. Provides nice cushion and protection from the hard concrete.

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PVC Chair Floor Mat Home Office Protector Nail Transparentd Chair Mat
"Perfect for small spaces, like under lofts." by STACEY E.

I ordered this for under my granddaughter's loft bed. Perfect size and I followed the helpful tip to but in bathtub of hot water to unfurl it and that worked easily, dried it off and laid it down . The little spikes help hold it in place on the carpet. I don't know what these cost but I thought it was reasonable and I had review dollars so it cost me very little.

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SomerTile 8.625x9.875-inch Textilis Basic White Hex Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile (25 tiles/11.56 sqft.)
Review by lyndenitte

Exactly what we wanted! We used these in the kitchen with a light grey grout. Looks terrific! I’m adding to the review: our contractor opened a box and there were 10 broken tiles. The tiles in the other boxes were perfect so I have no idea what happened with this one. I called Overstock and the customer service was unparalleled!

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SomerTile 12.375x12.375-inch Fabiola Classic Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile
Review by tjonesy

Get that encaustic cement tile without all the maintenance headaches. I've been getting rave reviews on the bathroom I redid with this tile. Be sure to measure your space correctly and order the right amount of tile. I underestimated by 3 tiles and by the time I realized it, my batch had been sold out and I had to reorder from a new batch. The pattern was slightly off from the first batch, but not enough to be really noticeable. I was lucky.

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SomerTile 13x13-inch Faventia Azul Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile (10 tiles/12.2 sqft.)
"Beautiful Mediterranean rustic tile" by Pauline C.

Beautiful blue tile, goes perfect in my Mediterranean themed bathroom. Very rustic looking.

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SomerTile 17.875x17.875-inch Pianoforte White Ceramic Floor and Wall Tile (5 tiles/11.33 sqft.)
Review by Donna M.

Gorgeous large tiles that really make a statement in decor. They are durable and heavy in weight-excellent quality.

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PVC Chair Floor Mat Home Office Protector For Hard Wood Floors mat
"Rolling along.... in my chair. Loving it. Happy." by OstkUser4341449

It turned out to be better than I thought. It's longer and more pliable. The chair I purchased goes real well with it and my chair moves right along. T he chair I purchased was easy enough for me to put together. It was actually fun and it sits well and is good for my back.

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SomerTile 8.625x9.875-inch Marmol Carrara Hex Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile (25 tiles/11.56 sqft.)
Review by Cortney G.

Loved working with this stunning porcelain tile. It gave us the exact modern look we were going with in our transition design. Quality and results are 5 stars. Will be using SomerTile in our future projects.

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SomerTile 12.375x12.5-inch Antaeus Frost Blue Porcelain Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile (10 tiles/10.7 sqft.)
"Beautiful color to slippery surface for floor" by Barbara T.

The tile is very pretty rich color. I purchased to sample to see how slick it is since its rated for wall and floor. In my opinion it is much to slick to use on a floor especially a bathroom with water. I had to throw it away because it was not something I could use.

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SomerTile 9.75x9.75-inch Art White Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile
Review by Audra Johnette L.

I used this both in my master bathroom and laundry room

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SomerTile Carra Bardiglio Floral 7x8-inch Porcelain Hexagon Floor and Wall Tile (25 tiles/7.84 sqft.).
Review by fbfgator

This tile is beautiful. I did need to order an extra box for the bathroom floor because it needed many cuts.

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SomerTile 1.75x7.75-inch Victorian Soho Subway Glossy White Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile (90 tiles/9 sqft.)
Review by OstkUser1561098

So love how this tile turned out, used these tile for my backsplash. I was searching for a subway tile that was narrower in width and came across the SomerTile/Victorian Soho Glossy White Poreclain Tile, I wanted to do a different design and needed a narrower width. The Soho tiles are excellent quality and the bright white glossy sheen color pops beneath my dark cabinets. Each piece was uniform which made the cutting very easy for the installer that is. Tile was packaged very well for shipping, not one broken piece. I am very pleased with this product. I definitely recommend this product.

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Buchanan, Peel & Stick Antico Floor Tiles
Review by judith l.

I loved the tiles look but unfortunately they were out of stock at this time

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SomerTile 7.125x16.375-inch Lambris Naveta Blanc Porcelain Floor and Wall Tile (13 tiles/11.07 sqft.)
"The best tile!" by Kristen B.

I would purchase this tile again in a heartbeat. It has added a beautiful dimension to our foyer floor. It has held up against dogs and kids over the past year. I absolutely love it. My only "complaint" is it's a little trickier to clean that I would have thought. I cannot use the Swiffer WetJet on the tiles because it tears up the pads. Regular mop works fine, though.

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Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Rug - 3 Pack Set - Small, Large, Contour rug
"Beautiful color, super comfy, 90% happy w/shape." by Kelli R.

The color is beautiful and they’re very comfortable. There’s some stitching on a couple rugs that makes the shape slightly uneven, but turned a certain way a guest wouldn’t notice. I was nervous when they came out of the packaging… They were quite bent out of shape, and it took about a day/day and a half with heavy books on them to make them even out. But they did, and like I said, they look pretty great.

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SomerTile 10.25x11.75-inch Victorian Hex Matte White Porcelain Mosaic Floor and Wall Tile (10 tiles/8.56 sqft.)
Review by Jordan J.

Great tile, but if you're buying to match existing/leftover tile, BE WARNED: at some point over the past two years SomerTile changed the thickness of the tiles and the layout of the mosaic sheets. This means that new versions of this product will be incompatible with older versions-- the mosaic sheets won't fit together, and you won't be able to peel off individual tiles and mix old and new, because the thickness of the tiles differs considerably. My wife and I learned this the hard way, finishing one bathroom with this tile in 2016, then buying more this year to do a second bathroom. We started our project without realizing the difference, and wound up mistakenly using some of the thinner (old) tiles around edges, which created problems when we installed our baseboard molding. Also of note (no fault of the manufacturer): using a tile saw with these tiles isn't really an option. We used a carbide knife to score individual tiles, then cut them with tile nips. Works out fine for the most part, but it can be tough to accurately cut corners, etc.

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Handmade Chawen in White and Black Tile, Pack of 12 (Morocco)

Handmade Chawen in White and Black Tile, Pack of 12 (Morocco)

Was $15.50 $1.55 OFF
Sale Starts at $13.95
"You’ll need to buy several extra boxes" by Jessica T.

i love the look of this tile. It was exactly what I was looking for to update my laundry room floor. However, it’s a huge disappointment because they don’t send you enough of the design to complete the project. You’re left with a giant pile of the wrong pieces and you’re missing 2 of the other. Super frustrating. Especially now that it’s out of stock. You’ll need to buy several extra boxes just to be certain you’ve got enough of the pattern to complete your project.

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