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Purple Galaxy Bed Sheets

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Becky Cameron Luxury Ultra Soft 4-piece Bed Sheet Set

Becky Cameron Luxury Ultra Soft 4-piece Bed Sheet Set

Was $79.99 $56.87 OFF
Sale Starts at $23.12
"Good replacement for king size sheets" by OstkUser4451241

We washed these sheets a couple of times and they are holding up well. I am happy with the softness. I bought them to replace $100 king sheets that were smooth and soft but overdramatically tore in half after two years of use. Spouse can't tell the difference, so a win for me. The burgundy color is as shown in the image. Stays put on my hybrid mattress. Would definitely purchase from Overstock again for sheets instead of spending three times the amount for the same product. I'll do my best to update this review if they tear in the future but looking good so far.

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Soft Essentials Ultra-soft 6-piece Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Set

Soft Essentials Ultra-soft 6-piece Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Set

Was $99.99 $74.64 OFF
Sale Starts at $25.35
Review by OstkUser3369685

I was very disappointed I never got my purchase and when I did get it it never made it to my house it said that it had been damaged and they were going to have to send it back and have another one sent into me instead of waiting three weeks for my purchase I decided not to work or not to buy from this company I was very disappointed I did not get the bed I want it I would think twice about ordering something big from this place.

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Vilano Series Ultra Soft Extra Deep Pocket 6-piece Bed Sheet Set
"Microfiber" by Sheri G.

These are nice sheets, color is just like the website showed and are well made, the sheet pockets are very deep, very soft to the touch...however, I do not like them. It's probably just a personal opinion. I can't say anything is wrong with them. I think it is the microfiber material. If you have had microfiber before and liked it I would recommend these sheets. If not, maybe stick with what material of sheets you normally like.

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Clara Clark Premier 1800 Series Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Set

Clara Clark Premier 1800 Series Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Set

Was $34.99 $3.50 OFF
Sale Starts at $31.49
"Beautiful colors and soft to the touch, but....." by OstkUser4370873

I was a bit skeptical about microfiber sheets, but these are quite smooth and feel nice on the skin. I do love the colors, I bought the eggplant and navy and they look great. I was a bit disappointed that the top stitching is not on the top sheet. The pillowcases I will only give a three star, the top stitching does not go all the way around and the pillowcase was not stitched all the way around either, leaving a flap on the backside of the pillowcase.

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Porch & Den Jess 1000 Thread Count Cotton-rich Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Set
"Fair product not as good as I thought" by Logan B.

The color is nice but the product is not as soft as 1000 thread count should feel like. I has a bed set only 400 thread Egyptian cotton and that one lasted 11 years. This one is thin and feels as if it will wear and tear quickly. I might be jumping to conclusions hear, but will give it a chance. If these sheets are of better quality that I'm expecting, then I'll come back with a different review.

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Superior Egyptian Cotton 650 Thread Count Deep Pocket Solid Bed Sheet Set
"Lovely, soft sheets!" by artistvicki

I love these sheets! They are an excellent price and feel so soft! Although they are cotton, they have a softer, almost silky feel to them! I chose the sage green which is a nice soft green color - perfect for my bedroom decor!

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AURAA Royale 1000 TC ELS Pure Cotton Sheet Set Sateen Weave

AURAA Royale 1000 TC ELS Pure Cotton Sheet Set Sateen Weave

Was $83.49 $8.35 OFF
Sale Starts at $75.14
"Very good value!" by Eric V.

These are very good sheets and the price is unbeatable.

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Madison Park Mansfield Reversible Bedspread Set

Madison Park Mansfield Reversible Bedspread Set

Was $64.99 $6.51 OFF
Sale Starts at $58.48
"90-percent cotton, 10-percent other fibers fill" by OstkUser4242620

well, the "other fibers fill" is OLEFIN - which is a form POLYPROPELENE - the short fibers of this material leach up through the fabric. I have washed in cold water the 2 shams, which did not fade, nor did they shrink from the light dryer-drying cycle. AND they became very soft which is nice. Now, the bedspread (and cases) smelled horrible and I could not for the life of me with Dyson stick vacuuming AND lint rolling get all of the "crap" off of the huge bedspread! So I have had to send it out to be LAUNDERED professionally. I will get back to you all with a another review/report on shrinkage/fading/ and IF the smell (and errant man-made fibers) are gone. WHY in the heck could they NOT just make this spread in a regular polyester/cotton blend? It would be nicer. So, I am still on the fence out my rating on this bedspread.

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Soft Essentials Premium Ultra-soft Stripe Pattern 4-piece Bed Sheet Set

I love these sheets. They are nice and soft and the fitted sheet fits easily onto my thick mattress. I also love this color. It doesn't match my bedspread but it's a great color that stands out. I don't see any "cons" about these sheets.

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Superior Egyptian Cotton 300 Thread Count Solid Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Set
"They feel fabulous!!!" by mike d.

When my sheets arrived, I was shocked! I could not believe what I had gotten for the price I payed. They looked better than the picture on line-they felt amazing,they looked luxurious and washed better than any other sheets I’ve ever bought! Even my grandson’s roommates asked where he got them. I think two of the other mothers ordered the same sheets for their kids

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Porch & Den Jericho Stripe 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheet Set
"Bed sheets" by Mary S.

These sheets fit the bed perfectly and would fit a mattress that is even thicker. That makes it so easy to make the bed and the sheets also are very comfortable to sleep on. They are larger than normal so it is nice that you can tuck more of top sheet under mattress and it stays put! Will purchase again in a different color.

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Deep Pocket Soft Microfiber 4-piece Bed Sheet Set

Deep Pocket Soft Microfiber 4-piece Bed Sheet Set

Was $27.49 $2.75 OFF
Sale Starts at $24.74
"Great value and quality! Exceeded my expectations!" by Janice K.

These actually exceeded my expectations! I ordered a twin set for my daughter and they are so soft that I’m contemplating buying a queen set for myself. They also arrived a week earlier than expected. My only complaint is that they had a few dirty spots on them but I had to wash them before using them anyway so not a deal-breaker. Also worth mentioning-the fitted sheets have those amazing elastic bands on the corners to keep it from popping off! I wasn’t aware of that feature but was pleasantly surprised. Great purchase!

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Porch & Den Stripe Bed Sheet Pattern 1800TC Deep Pocket Bed Sheet Set
"My Sheets" by Stephanie P.

I absolutely love my sheets I ordered. They feel fantastic on my skin. It was a very relaxed and comfortable sleep last night. I definitely will be ordering more. Thank you Stephanie

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Copper Grove Tithonia Plain Luxury Flat Sheet

Copper Grove Tithonia Plain Luxury Flat Sheet

Was $16.29 $1.63 OFF
Sale Starts at $14.66
"very nice quality" by Betty P.

it really is luxury and feels very soft and silky, but not the silky that falls off the bed. My mother is 93 and wanted a sheet that wouldn't touch the floor because of spiders. Not we have not actually seen any spiders, but there is always that chance . . . so we ordered a twin size sheet for her regular size bed and it is perfect. problem solved. Now I ordered two top sheets and my tiny little chihuahua/pomeranian loves the other one that we put on the chair for him to use during the hot summer months as it is very cool to the touch. He loves it. So it is two for two

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Porch & Den Quatrefoil Bedding Deep Pocket Bed Sheets Set (Set of 4)
Review by Felecia G.

I was expecting something different in terms of the pockets on the sheet but I like them. I like the designs. Ordered three different colors

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Vilano Comfort Deep Pocket Ultra-Soft 6-piece Bed Sheet Set

Vilano Comfort Deep Pocket Ultra-Soft 6-piece Bed Sheet Set

Was $30.49 $3.05 OFF
Sale Starts at $27.44
"Not a great first impression" by Catherine R.

I was not impressed with the sheets when i opened the order. They were wrinkled like they came off someone's bed. They smelled odd, like chemicals, and not pressed before shipping. Usually sheets come pressed. I will need to wash them before use. I've never seen sheets in a plastic bag. I expected them to be shipped in a box. If i wash them and they still don't look/feel right i will review my review.

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Adjustable Mattress Split King Ultra-Soft 7-piece Bed Sheet Set

Adjustable Mattress Split King Ultra-Soft 7-piece Bed Sheet Set

Was $56.99 $7.95 OFF
Sale Starts at $49.04
"Best sheets ever" by Shona B.

The most comfortable and soft sheets I've tried. I have Egyptian cotton and jersey knit sets but this one is amazing

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Porch & Den Microfiber Deep Pocket Sheet Set/ Bed Sheets (Set of 6)
Review by ROBERT W.

I really love the quality and the feel of the sheets. The deep pockets give me the right fit for my mattress without being too tight. At this point I don't have any complaint, I haven't had them long enough yet(less than 2 months ). I really love the choice of colors offered since I don't like white sheets.

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