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Costway 10ft Patio Solar Umbrella LED Patio Market Steel Tilt w/ Crank
"A year later" by vanessa m.

1 year later update, So, the seam at the end of the rods has torn, it's a quick fix, just need to sow it. But it's like any umbrella, when the fabric at the end of the rods that open the umbrella tear, it compromises the whole structure. Other than that, it works well, solar lights are beautiful. The tilt function is a bit unfriendly, so I never use it. Oh, and by the way, do not use the Costway 17.5'' Umbrella Base Stand Market Patio Standing Outdoor Living Heavy Duty (Round) - Bronze, it's not wide enough nor heavy enough to prevent the umbrella from tipping over. SMDH ******************************************************************************* So far, so good, some pieces could be a little bit more sturdier, but honestly, this is a good investment. So far it has survived very strong thunder storm winds, the kind that you wake up the next day and wonder why are all the trees and branches on the ground. also the LED lights are awesome at night.

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Costway 10ft Patio Solar Umbrella LED Patio Market Steel Tilt W/ Crank
"Quality umbrella!" by Miss Kennywood Park

Quality material in umbrella and the workmanship for the pole. After you flip the switch (on the pole) the lights come on & off. That's a nice feature so you have control over when to use your lites. Also, because its solar, you will save in the long run on replacement lites. It has a smooth operation of rising & lowering the umbrella also.

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Costway 10' Patio Umbrella with Solar Power LED Lights and Base Tan
"Too much lean and sway" by Britani H.

For the money I guess it’s decent because the umbrella is so wide, and good umbrellas are super expensive, however, the umbrella has a lot of give to it so it swings all over the place with just a light breeze. I put heavy sandbags on the base to keep it from falling over which has kept it upright, but it’s still an awkward umbrella that leans and tips and sways all over the place. The fabric of the umbrella is pretty thin but It still does the job with blocking sunlight, until it starts swaying all over the place, then you can’t really sit in one place and get continuous coverage.

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10' Solar/LED Cantilever Umbrella, Cross Base - Tan
Review by Kelly A.

The umbrella is perfect but the back part of the base needs to be longer or better proportioned because the umbrella is too heavy. We’re nervous with will tip with ease.

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Costway 10' Patio Umbrella with Solar Power LED Lights and Base Beige
"This umbrella does not tilt." by Jennifer O.

This umbrella is just average, and not very sturdy. While it looks nice, the quality of the fabric is rather thin and much of the mechanical parts are plastic. The umbrella portion moves from side to side in just the smallest wind ( so its not as substantial as I had hoped). We have only had it for a week so I hope it holds up. One things to note - it does not tilt. If you are looking for an umbrella that tilts don't get this one. It goes up and down, only. In the description it says the this has an easy tilting operation. It does not. It also absolutely needs weights to hold down the base, even in a very light wind. We need to but a 2nd umbrella, needless to say I won't be buying this one. Lastly, beware that if you have any questions about this item, Overstock will refer you to a 3rd party seller - so Overstock cannot help you with anything about this item. Its rather annoying. You can buy it directly on the castaway site and may get better customer service that way.

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Costway 10' Patio Umbrella with Solar Power LED Lights and Base
"Blows in the wind" by Samantha Y.

This umbrella is good, except when there is any, and I mean any sort of breeze. It blows around and doesn’t have a locking feature. It has already caught a gust once, blown over, and scratched up our brand new deck & rail. This was with the 130lb weight that we purchased separately. It did fade rather quickly as others had mentioned, though I know that’s bound to happen in the sun. Most days it does the job, but I would only buy it again if I moved to an area with no breeze.

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Costway 9FT Patio Umbrella Patio Market Steel Tilt W/ Crank Outdoor
Review by Meredith B.

So far these are a great alternative to the large cantilever umbrellas we had on our deck that would swing in the wind and never quite worked. I am using them in a 70+ pd weighted base on wheels so I can move them easily and the stay in place. The tilt feature works great and they are good quality. I have noticed any cheap stitching or little strings. My biggest complaint is that they do not have ties to tie them shut and I am using unnatractive bungee cords right now so the don’t flap in the wind. These look like they are going to last just as long as any other umbrellas we have used over the years and cost a fraction of the price.

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Costway 10' Hanging Umbrella Patio Sun Shade Offset Outdoor Market W/t
"Beautiful and great size" by annygra

This umbrella is huge. I live the off set feature. I have the base in the corner of the deck so the umbrella hangs over the middle of the seating area. It is lighter weight than it looks. I was able to put it together by myself. You will need to bolt the base to your deck or use some thing to anchor the base to keep the umbrella from tipping over. Highly recommend

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Costway 10FT Patio Solar Umbrella LED Patio Market Steel Tilt W/Crank
"Cool Lighted Umbrella!!" by NANCEE W.

Wow! Amazing. Love this umbrella. The lights are so cool. The umbrella goes up and down easily. It is a great size. Would order again.

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Costway 10' Hanging Umbrella Patio Sun Shade Offset Outdoor Market W/t
"Good value, but buy a base weight too!" by Kimberly F.

This was fairly easy to assemble and was a great price. Be warned though, the stand is not strong enough to hold up the umbrella. You MUST buy a base weight kit. Great look and style. Provides enough shade.

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Costway 10ft Solar/LED Patio Market Umbrella with Tilt and Crank, Base Not Included
"Adequate umbrella base equals a good result." by Kathryn S.

This is not a review but in response to dissatisfaction many expressed with this product, which largely detailed it not standing up to winds, being flimsy, etc. I believe the unhappy folk failed to understand the need for an adequate umbrella base. Based on physics the calculation is multiply the diameter by ten in this case that equals 100, which is the number of pounds needed in the base to keep a ten ft umbrella stable.

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Costway 10' Hanging Umbrella Patio Sun Shade Offset Outdoor Market W/t
Review by David L.

This umbrella is perfect for our patio. High quality material. Provides an excellent amount of shade. I would definitely recommend this umbrella to others and would buy again!

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Costway 10FT Patio Umbrella 6 Ribs Market Steel Tilt W/ Crank Outdoor
"Good quality" by Deborah G.

The umbrella is good quality, the size covers exactly what I needed. Only disappointment in item there is no strap to hold it closed when not using it, so had to put a bungee cord on it.

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Costway 10FT Patio Umbrella 6 Ribs Market Steel Tilt W/ Crank Outdoor
"Good basic patio umbrella" by scjoycee

This is a nice, sturdy umbrella. Nothing fancy -- just basic, but totally functional. The fabric is holding up well so far this summer and we are happy with our purchase.

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Costway 9ft Patio Solar Umbrella LED Patio Market Steel Tilt w/ Crank
"Didn't hold up well" by OstkUser3274547

Update a year after purchase: this faded quickly, and didn't hold up through the winter as well as previous umbrellas have. With this in mind I am revising my original 5 star review. I purchased this to replace a similar umbrella that lasted a surprisingly long time, and this one appears to be almost identical to the original product. It couldn't have been easier to put together.

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Costway 9FT Patio Solar Umbrella LED Patio Market Steel Tilt W/ Crank
"Requires a pricey, hard to find base." by beauty6185

This is a beautiful umbrella, however it was not noted that it would require a "special" base. The umbrella took down my table during a slightly windy day. Now it sits on a lounge chair until I can find a base that fits. They are quite pricey and hard to find. I do regret buying this as a set with base which I have since seen.

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Manta Sun Shelter
Review by OstkUser1720171

Perfect for the kids beach days! Easy to ipen easy to close! Practice at home or you’ll be flinging sand all over the beach!

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Costway 9ft Patio Solar Umbrella LED Patio Market Steel Tilt w/ Crank
Review by Sandra R.

Love item was for my back yards fit perfect very happy with the item will come back again soon thanks. The color was perfect and the size was also perfect. Delivery time was great thanks. very nice color good service came in two days.

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