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Cuisinart DGB-625BC Brushed Metal Grind-and-Brew 12-cup Automatic Coffee Maker
"Nice Coffeemaker" by jn

This is the third Cuisinart Grind and Brew I've bought over many years. The first two died from the same disorder. The door to the filter compartment randomly opened before the brewing cycle finished resulting in brewed coffee all over the counter, down the cabinets below and onto the floor - not good. When they start doing that I replace them. In both cases this didn't happen until after 10 years or so of daily use so I figured it was time for something to go awry. The grinder on this model is a little quieter than my last two which was a nice surprise. I basically always use the grinder function which requires more maintenance because every part of the unit has to be cleaned and dried after each use. I keep buying these because it makes a good cup of coffee and I like the fact that the grinder is built into the unit eliminating the need for a separate grinder.

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Porch & Den McNew Adjustable/Foldable TV Tray with Sliding Cup Holder
"Mom (going to be 99 this year) LOVES IT" by Margaret G.

This was a breeze to set up, love that it's adjustable (height etc.) and the side cup holder is a blessing. Mom who nearly lives in her electric lounge chair was recently saying she wasn't really hungry and she wasn't eating regularly so I purchased this unit hoping it was just getting too difficult for her to make her own food anymore and planned to now bring the food to her but how to ease her into some kind of tray that could fit and work with her lounge chair. This unit is great because the unit easily slides under her chair, the cup holder is an added bonus and she loves it. I'm thrilled because it cleans up easily and folds up if you need to remove it, surprisingly because mom is so short she can even put her feet on the stabilizer bar on the bottom to make her even more comfortable using this unit. Definitely would buy again.

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Coffee Pro CP6B Coffee Maker - Black - 4 Cup - Commercial
Review by revd

Sizing is nice, however coffee never really gets hot enough. Very disappointed with this item. Ordered twice to make sure that it wasn't a defected item. Do not recommend this one at all.

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Portable Foldable TV Tray Table - Laptop, Eating Stand W/Adjustable Tray & Sliding Adjustable Cup Holder - As Seen on TV
Review by Melissa A.

I purchased these tables because I liked that they could be pulled close to the couch for my children to eat on and that they could fold flat. After purchasing them I realized they do fold flat but not flat enough to be stored under my low couch which is a big pain because we live in a small house and storage is everything. I also dislike the fact that they are very easy to make unsteady. Open cups are a definite no (even with the cup holder) because one bump and liquid sloshes every where. I do have to say I like the fact that the table can be set to lay flat or at an angle for reading or drawing and that the legs have so many heights even though collapsing the table is a bit of work. I've been trying to resell them since I was quickly out of my return window but no such luck. This may be perfect for a single elderly person but not for children in my opinion.

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Zojirushi Fresh Brew Plus 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Zojirushi Fresh Brew Plus 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Was $199.99 $65.00 OFF
"Steam!" by ozonetourist

I have had this coffee maker a year and it is very unique. It boils the water prior to brewing . it has a iced coffee kit I have not used. Over all an extremely reliable machine that brews the perfect pot of coffee.

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Jupiter Coffee Table

Jupiter Coffee Table

Was $177.49 $17.75 OFF
Sale Starts at $159.74
"Nice accent piece and practical too" by checkpointcheryl

I bought two of these, in purple and orange, to brighten up an otherwise monochrome seating area and provide surfaces for glasses, cups, laptops or whatever. I am very pleased with this item. The glass is of good, strong quality, the colors are just as shown. Assembly WOULD have been very easy except that one of the packages had a completely wrong set of screws - some sort of mixup in the packing department...

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Krups EC411050 Savoy Turbo Coffee Maker
"A little more difficult to program, but nice." by OstkUser4228633

This is a very nice coffee maker. Nice design. It replaces an older 12 cup Krups fast brewing unit. This one seems to require more brewing choices to be made each time it's used which makes it a little more difficult to use than our old one. The glass carafe is better designed as it pours better with out dripping.

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Portable Foldable TV Tray Table - Laptop, Eating, Drawing Stand - Adjustable Tray w/ Sliding Adjustable Cup Holder
"Perfect for trouble with leg mobility." by Maegwin123

Perfect for folks that have trouble with leg mobility. My dad had trouble getting his legs through the usual x-bar most TV tables have, so this was perfect for meals in front of the TV.

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Powell Barney Bear Cabin Resin, Glass Accent Side Table
"Perfect so cute end table for that small space" by Debra L.

I was looking for a smaller round end table and when I saw this one, my first thought was the grand kids are going to love this. I read the other reviews and thought I would give it a try. It is perfect. Well made with a nice thick sturdy top of tempered glass AND the grand kids went crazy when they saw it. They love it too. The only surprise was I thought the paws helped support the glass top and they don't. The only contact is the small ring in the middle. You can side your hand between the paws and the top so as long as people/grand kids don't put too much weight on the top it should be fine. We have renamed him Hugo... don't even try to figure that one out. I am very happy with this table and was glad I was able to get it at a good price.

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Coleman 14-cup Enamelware Percolator
"Made wonderful coffee great buy!" by audrywanttobe

It arrived safely & there are no flaws in the enamel finish. The glass top was loose, but my husband fixed the gasket so the glass won't fall out. He made coffee in it the next morning & it was wonderful. We recommend it. Looks great with the blue International enamel plates I also bought in Overstock. Should last a very long time without scratching & proper cleaning. Very happy with purchases.

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Professional Series Electric 30-Cup Coffee Urn Stainless Steel
"30-cup coffee urn" by Elyssa S.

Got this 30 cup coffee maker to use when I have company over to my new home. It sure comes in handy. The coffee is always very good, easy to clean and works great.

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POLYWOOD® Vineyard 3-Piece Garden Chair Set
"Simple yet classy" by rega73

this outdoor furniture arrived very quickly and since it was just up today, my review is based only on today's observations. The 2 deck chairs and side table seemed very pricey for plastic, but this isn't ordinary lightweight plastic; it's made from polywood, which is very attractive, sturdy, and heavy enough that gusty winds won't blow off the deck! I bought them in white to match my deck's white railing, which looks very bright and attractive. I plan to add colorful cushions soon The only "con", which could've been a problem if I'd had to assemble by myself, was that one of the chairs had 2 same sides. Fortunately, my handy son was able to remove and replace the mistake himself and complete the assembly rather than deal with ordering the correct chair side. Took him extra time, but he managed to take care of the issue. I plan to enjoy these for years to come! Wish there was a matching ottoman so I could put my feet up as I relax in them!

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Espressione Concierge Fully Automatic Bean to Cup Espresso Machine
"Simply the BEST super automatic espresso!" by Rasul A.

We had this machine for over a year and love it. Over the past decade my wife and I used many different espresso machines, including manual and capsule machines and THIS ONE IS THE BEST. It uses regular whole beans, and with one touch it grinds them and gives me a fresh espresso in a matter of seconds. Love the crema on top!

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Coffee Pro CP-CB-SPC-001 Coffee Brewer Coffee Pro Specialty Unit - Commercial
"Great Price-point Maker - Coffee Pro CP-CB-SPC-001" by Dudley G.

Let me begin stating that this coffee maker is not SCAA certified. With that in mind, it is a very good brewer. The unit isn't the fastest in terms of brewing time, but it is fast. My timing of the brew cycle was <4 minutes for 6 cups and <5 minutes for 8 cups brewed (full pot) without Pre-Infusion. When you include the Pre-Infusion cycle one would add 25-30 seconds to these times. I have utilized the Pre-Infusion cycle and found it to slightly improve the taste of the coffee using filtered water. It is my opinion that filtered water has a GREATER impact on the taste than does Pre-Infusion; I use Pre-Infusion. Using the cafe' maker is simple though due to size a bit cumbersome to relocate from under cabinet space, a requirement due to steam emitted during the brew cycle. Cleaning of the unit is a breeze with some parts being dishwasher safe. The important reason for the purchase of any cafe' maker is the taste. When it comes to taste, I'd give this maker an 8 out of 10. The cafe' is smooth and consistent from brew to brew. I have yet to try different coffees in this maker, but feel it would extract 80% or better of the quality present in said coffee. I do use fresh ground whole beans, but have yet to try fresh roasted whole beans. The warmer plate turns off after 45 minutes, thus I recommend making the amount of coffee you consume within that 45-minute time and re-brew additional coffee if needed to avoid cold coffee. I did not test the temperature of the coffee on the plate after 30 minutes, but the fresh brewed coffee temperature is between 180-200 degrees. I suspect that temperature decreases a bit on the warmer plate. The reason for choosing this maker was based upon value for the dollar. In this category it is well worth the price of entry. Certainly, there are many other cafe' makers which would out perform this unit and are made of better-quality material, but at 3-8 times the price. A price I could not, nor would not justify. I have tasted coffee from several of the high-end units owned by rich friends; yes, the coffee was better tasting but not 3-5 times the price better. Your taste may dictate otherwise; I on the other hand have many other interests where my dollars are needed. If you can live with the size and slightly better than average built product at this price point, you would do well to purchase it. NOTE: The five-star rating reserved for the high-end makers prices 3-8 times higher. Would I purchase it again, YES!

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Deluxe Wood Hammock Chair

Deluxe Wood Hammock Chair

Starting at $77.49
"Great quality" by Teri D.

I just got 2 of these for my oak tree. My husband rolled his eyes when they arrived but once he sat in one he started laughing, he loves it! He said it is more comfortable than the old hammock. Easy to assemble, easy to get in and out of these ( we are older, lol) I got the black ones as I wanted them to blend in with the environment. Would buy these again and again.

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Medelco Cafe Brew Collection RK606 Recycle A Cup K-Cup Recycling Tool
"Great for Recycling!" by Kwarncke

LOVE!!! In fact, I bought two more as gifts and they loved it! It’s a wonderful way to contribute to our environment. It gets a little messy, but that’s not the products fault- just nature of working with coffee grounds. Overall, it’s an excellent idea and very easy to use. I don’t know ho these aren’t more popular!

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Capresso 570.01 Infinity Plus Conical Burr Grinder (Black)
"Commercial quality Burr Grinder for Home Use" by David G.

Can't believe someone down rated this because it's a "small, small appliance." This grinder is designed for home use - not a coffee shop. With that in mind, I've had mine for 10+ years and it has never given me trouble. Grinds espresso to very coarse grind coffee wonderfully. It is a bit noisy but that comes with burr grinders. If you only want Turkish grind you'll need to look elsewhere this is not the machine for you BUT if you are looking for a sub $100 Burr coffee grinder, you won't go far wrong with this one.

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"Still life of open Book, eyeglasses and coffee cup on wooden bench" Black Float Frame Canvas Art
Review by pdoak

I have put up my college degrees on my wall for the first time is several years. To mark what I had gained by so many good schools, I put up a photo of a horse being saved by a veterinarian during a flash flood, and also this photo of a book, coffee and glasses. My favorite past time. I saved horses poorly trained and I read a great deal. All gifts of college.

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