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Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

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Himalayan Glow Salt Lamp with Wooden Base 5-7 lbs
"Great look and light!" by Derek O.

Fun and actually provide decent light! Had one come in broken but exchange process was very easy and they look great.

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Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp 20-30 Lbs

Himalayan Glow Natural Pink Salt Lamp 20-30 Lbs

Was $69.99 $7.45 OFF
Sale $62.54
"I love it" by Jan E.

Beyond my expectations! Huge, very heavy, warm and calming light. I love it.

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Himalayan Glow Natural Selenite Lamp with Dimmer Switch,5-7 lbs
Review by OstkUser4271562

These are interesting and modern lamps. They are not as big or bright as I would have liked, but I like the cool glow the give to my family room.

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Himalayan Glow Natural Crystal Salt Lamp White 5-7 lbs
Review by OstkUser4304029

My only complaint is that it came with replacement bulbs that were shattered so when I opened the package, tons of little pieces of glass poured out everywhere. Otherwise looks great in my bedroom.

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Himalayan Glow Natural White Naked Salt Lamp ( 3-5 lbs )
"Calming" by Kimberly B.

I burn it on the low setting all night. My room is a beautiful hue of yellows. Calming.

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Himalayan Glow Naked Grey Salt Lamp 3-5 lbs
Review by Kathleen H.

Its awesome, so calming, your able to adjust the lighting that you want. Its just a fabulous accent to our home

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Himalayan Glow Lattice Multicolor Salt Lamp, 2 lbs
Review by Nancy W.

very nice. But I thought it would be just one stone not many,

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Himalite Polygon LED Salt Lamp

Himalite Polygon LED Salt Lamp

Was $31.49 $4.05 OFF
Sale $27.44
Review by Kevin P.

I bought another one because of the soothing ambience they create, i do like the changing colors. as you can see in the photos they make my studio so nice.

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Himalayan Glow Natural Salt Round Basket Lamp, 8-10 lbs
Review by Noreen L.

I love my salt lamp. It's not only beautiful it's also working so fast. I just might buy another one for my bedroom!!💞

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Handmade 30-40lb Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp with Cord (Pakistan)
".. A must to stay healthy n breath better" by OstkUser1472084

I have 3 friends who have bought 1 each n one bought 2... Never new the great benefits it holds.. Besides being absolutely gourgous.. And so calming.. They suck in so much toxins outta your air that you have been breathing.. All of us breath so much better.. Most of us had Allergys bad... Now their better.. Totally amazing who would have know what health it brings to your home.. I"m on here buying 2 more now.. Gonna buy 3 more for my neighbor next month.. Great salt company love them

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Himalayan Glow Large Range of Salt Lamps

Himalayan Glow Large Range of Salt Lamps

Was $72.99 $7.30 OFF
Sale $65.69
Review by Linda B.

Love these salt lamps. Would definitely recommend them.

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Himalayan Glow Bamboo Basket Lamp 5-7 lbs
"Looks just like the add." by OstkUser4315136

Really love this lamp. Will let's others know about it. Very satisfied !

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Handmade 6" Round Himalayan Salt Lamp with Cord (Pakistan)
"Beautiful lamp - if you can get it" by jkl9

I first tried ordering one of these several years ago: the order said 6" round salt lamp, but I received the wrought iron basket with chunks of salt lamp. When I emailed Overstock, they quickly sent out a replacement - of the same wrong wrought iron/salt chunk lamp. Something obviously wrong in warehouse, returned both wrong items and gave up. Then a few years ago, I tried ordering one again. And SUCCESS! I received the correct one! And it's gorgeous!!! It's got stripes of varying shades of pink encircling it, and set at an angle on the wooden base. When lit, it reminds me of planet Jupitor. So last year, I decided to try ordering another one - I say try because I've had problems with nearly every Himalayan salt item I have ordered over the years. And this one was no exception. Every salt item I have ordered gets shipped in flimsy cardboard boxes with little to no protective packing. Again, this one was no exception. Why anyone (not Overstock directly, I don't think...?) would pack, much less ship, delicate items such as ANYthing made of Himalayan salt, in flimsy cardboard with no protective packing is beyond me. So this lamp arrived in a flimsy cardboard box that was slightly smaller than the lamp (part of lamp bulged out), then shipped in a larger flimsy cardboard box, wherein this flimsy too small box with bulging side got put directly on the bottom of the shipping box, then some packing material placed on top. There was NO protective packing material between the bottom of the box and the bulging lamp box. So when I took the lamp out, it had an impact mark on it that looked like it had a crack extending from it. WHAT??? So I contacted Overstock, and once again they rushed a replacement - of the wrong lamp! Again.😖 At that point i gave up, just kept both lamps. It was easier than fighting whatever system was in place for packing and shipping salt items. At least this time the wrong lamp was more attractive (to me) than the previous wrong lamps. THIS one was the carved salt bowl with chunks of salt in it. Not as nice as the carved salt bowl with salt spheres in it (which I also have) but still much nicer than wrought iron - to me, anyway. In spite of the ridiculous packing and shipping problems, I'm still giving this 5 stars. Because when it's right, it is SO right! Gorgeous right!

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Desk Top Himalayan Salt Lamp with cord by Black Tai Salt Co.
Review by amiefae

I purchased this Himalayan salt lamp a while back and I have been using it on my desk at work for so many years so it clearly has stood the test of time still works never any problems and I always get compliments on it

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Handmade Cylinder Himalayan Salt Lamp with Cord (Pakistan)
Review by Tamara P.

This was a gift and just beautiful. This was for a wedding and it served to be a unique as well as lovely gift. The couple was pleased and surprised.

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Handmade Table Top Himalayan 8-10.5lb. Salt Lamp with Cord (Pakistan)
"Great looking product!" by Joe E.

The item is nice, my wife loves it. Only thing is that it didn't arrive with the power cord. Item describes it comes with a power cord. Asked for a missing part claim, was not fulfilled because they said they didn't have any. So I ordered one through amazon along with LED light bulbs. I texted CS and was able to get discounted $*.** from my order. The cord on ****** cost me $*.** but i'm OK with that.

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Himalayan Glow Metal Basket Lamp, 2 Pack

Himalayan Glow Metal Basket Lamp, 2 Pack

Was $51.49 $3.50 OFF
Review by Peggy J.

The lamps are nice heavier than expected. One of the tops are missing.

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Handmade Large Pyramid Himalayan Salt Lamp with Cord (Pakistan)
Review by ab85

Very nice and authentic, the top broke off some, but it gives it character, a lot of salt rubbed off in packaging, but none the less I am satisfied.

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