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Westclox 70044a super-loud led electric alarm clock (black)
"Just what I needed." by Prestina T.

Nice small alarm clock. Doesn't take up much room and very easy fo figure out. Don't need no instructions really. I love it.

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Boytone BT-83CR Portable FM Radio Alarm Clock Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker, 3-Way Night Light Touch Lamp, Built-in Rechargeabl
Review by mdirollo

NOTE: Overstock sells 2 versions of this radio: the BT-83CR (RED DISPLAY) vs. THE BT-83CB (BLUE DISPLAY). I'm sharing this info about the difference between the two models because it took quite a bit of sleuthing to determine the difference between the two (and the color of the display is the ONLY difference too). I purchased one of each of the models to which I referred above and really like them both. Pluses: SMALL FOOT PRINT, love the 3 stage lighting (each touch of the top of the unit activates the lighting feature and takes you through the on-low-medium-high-off settings). The Bluetooth option plus the fact that I can listen to music on a USB thumb drive are nice extra features. Minus: both radios could not pull in any FM stations but this was due to the fact that my apt has 4 large electrical lines running right outside my windows. Called Boytone customer service which, by the way, was EXCELLENT. They helped me figure out the problem. I kept both because the rest of the features functioned just fine - and I really love the ingenious design. I have one on my bathroom vanity (perfect night light) and one one on a nightstand. In spite of the fm radio signal issue I would still recommend... Just be mindful of the fact that you may have am/fm signal issues if you're close to any significant source of electro-magnetic interference.

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Boytone BT-84CB Portable FM clock Radio Alarm Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Speaker, 3-Way Night Light Touch Lamp, Built-in Rechargeabl
"Perfect for room with limited outlets" by Kathy K

Used it for the first time and loved it! Son loved the color and became a perfect night light for the cabin. I ordered two of them. I am thinking about getting more. I loved the fact you can charge a device on it and save on outlets! It’s the perfect size for the small table next to his bed in the bunk house. The second one will go next to top bunk after shelf is installed.

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Sxe sxe86001x led clock radio with 1-amp usb
"you can hear good music" by OstkUser2191481

clock radio everybody should have one,i do ,I have it in my bedroom ,it wakes me up with a great alarm ,it even has a light for at night.good to have.

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Sonic Alert Big Display Maxx LED Display Clock
"LED display clock" by centralkansas

I purchased this because of need for a clock and the fact that reviews stated that it was large and could be read easily and these old eyes needed that. It really is quite nice in that it has alarms, tells month, day and year and even temperature. After I got all that programed in, I realized I didn't care for the distraction of the numerals changing ..... I then changed to just the time being shown and dimmed it a little as it is quite bright. It's not cheap; but in a weeks period of time, it has kept correct time and the batteries kept it on track during a power failure.

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Magnasonic USB Charging LED Alarm Clock Radio with Time Projection, Battery Backup, Auto Time Set - 2 PACK
Review by Lauren M.

I love that the red light isn't too bright. I love that the clock is sleek and doesn''t take up a lot of room. My husband loves it also.

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