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    Staub Cast Iron 5.5-qt Round Cocotte

    Staub Cast Iron 5.5-qt Round Cocotte

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    "Amazing Cocotte" by Aidan M.

    This cocotte is hands down my favorite pot in my kitchen. From an appearance perspective it is beautiful, showcasing the amazing Staub design that looks perfect left out in your kitchen. The trapezoid handles work much better than rounded ones. In comparison to my Le Creuset Dutch oven, it wins easily. The dotted lid effectively steams and retains moisture in the pot, much better than domed lids that spill water out every time you pick it up. It heats quite well, retains the heat level quite well and makes for easy transfer to the oven. Making sauces is what I use this for the most and evenly cooks everything the way I want it too. It’s heavy but in a sturdy way and is the best pot in my kitchen.

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    Staub Cast Iron 7-qt Round Cocotte

    Staub Cast Iron 7-qt Round Cocotte

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    Review by Stacy P.

    You know the Staub is a quality product from the start, but this Coquette exceeds my expectations. It is so lovely. I am glad I got the black, though some of the other c colors are "cuter" this one will look new for years to come.

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    Staub Cast Iron 5.75-qt Coq au Vin Cocotte
    Review by Laura J.

    The product itself is nice, but what the seller perceives as "charcoal grey" is actually a lighter "heather grey," so if you want true charcoal, this is not your piece. Nonetheless, I needed to return it, since it is too heavy for the person I bought it for. Please know if you order this item that it comes from a third-party seller, and their return policy demands that you pay the postage in its entirety - seems silly, since the shipping charged was run through Overstock. The Dutch oven is so heavy that USPS wants almost $60 to return the item.

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    Staub Cast Iron 9-qt Round Cocotte
    Review by OstkUser3824843

    Amazing cocotte. Staub products, in my cooking experience of 60 years, are the best on the market. Gave all my LeCruset away. The dark interior of the Staub cast iron holds up beautifully and if it stains one cannot see it! I constantly fought the battle of keeping the LeCruset enameled interior looking clean and bright - and lost. All cooks have their personal favorites. Staub is mine.

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    Staub Cast Iron 13.25-qt Round Cocotte
    Review by Sunyoung P.

    I got this for my husband. It’s really big and heavy. A perfect size to cook two whole chicken to make chicken soup. I don’t use it everyday but once in a while it’s really useful. Mostly my husband uses it and he loves it. It’s too heavy for me to handle easily. Great pot!

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    Staub Cast Iron 7-qt Oval Cocotte
    "Sumply gorgeous!!!!!!" by laurie a.

    Incredible value for the money. We can not WAIT to use our newest addition. Staub is worth the money if you can afford it ❤❤❤ this color is extraordinary, my husband was awestruck 😂😂

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