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Italian Press Coffee Maker

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Bodum COLUMBIA French Press Coffee Maker,Double Wall,.5 L,17 oz, S/S
"Great as pictured" by Clint S.

Quality product and everything in listing and pictures is accurate.

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Stainless Steel Large French Press Coffee Maker with Extra Filters
Review by farmboydave

Bought this as a gift. Delivery as always quick and smooth. Makes great coffee and the double steel wall keeps the coffee nice and hot. Sturdy all steel so should last a lifetime. Came with an extra strainer.

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Bodum COLUMBIA Thermal French Press Coffee Maker, 34oz, 1 L, S/S
"Just ok" by nelson8

I have bought several bottles last one was a stainless steel and it works just as well as this one which is supposed to keep coffee warmer. I did not find that to be true. Coffee became room temperature in less than 30 minutes. 8 cup capacity really is tea cup capacity not mug. Biggest complaint grounds seem to leak through when pouring.

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Bodum 1928-16US4 Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 34 oz., Chrome
"Upgrade from k-cups" by OstkUser4002770

I upgraded from k-cup coffee to this french press, and I'm happy with my purchase. The product is very easy to use and clean, and makes a great cup of coffee. I made the mistake of buying finely ground coffee, so I would suggest that others grind their own beans to a coarser consistency. There is some sediment at the bottom of your coffee (I don't mind at all and I usually don't drink it anyway), but that may be true of all french presses.

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French Press Coffee Maker Set - 5-pieces Stainless Steel Double Wall Coffee Press 34 oz. with 2 Coffee Mugs, Spoon and Scoop
"Quality French Press and Mug set!!!" by artistvicki

I received my French Press and Mugs set very quickly by UPS! I LOVE them! I had a double walled French Press, but I had it many years and it was pretty beat up! I paid more for that one French Press than I did for this press and mug set! The price of this set is VERY reasonable! My friend Mark and I were in search of the perfect cup of coffee! We tried peculators, drip machines, stove top coffee maker, espresso maker - nothing delivered the flavor that a French press did! This set is awesome! It and the mugs are well-made, attractive and keep your coffee warm for quite a while. The press holds enough to fill the two large mugs that come with it. The mugs are large and comfortable to hold. The handle design on the mugs is perfect...extending far enough from the wall of the cup to keep from the heat, long enough for a good grip and a place at the top to rest your thumb. I love this set so much that I purchased two more to give as gifts!

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Belwares Stainless Steel Large French Press Coffee Maker 50oz
"Perfect" by OstkUser4135074

Love it. Makes a ton of coffee and keeps it hot over an hour. Super easy to clean.

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Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker, 3 cup, 0.35L, 12oz, Black
"Great Coffee Maker" by Carla A.

Excellent product. It is durable and easy to use. This is larger than the other one that we bought, but we still need a larger one!

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Deluxe Kitchen Play Set Coffee Maker and Toaster - Red
"Well made" by Kk

Great toy if your child in to pretend play my granddaughter likes it a lot

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Kaffe Classic French Press Coffee Maker - 27oz - 6 Cups -Double Wall Borosilicate Glass
Review by Teresa B.

Cleans easy for me. Keeps coffee/warm. Glass is sturdy. It does drip when pouring. I try to find the right angle in pouring to avoid the drip. It is pleasing aesthetically.

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BonJour Coffee Stainless Steel 4-cup Stovetop Espresso Maker
Review by Rebecca Z.

Works great, doesn't leak or drip when you pour and makes a good cup of strong coffee. I wanted it as an alternative to an espresso machine but it's just not the same as a good cup of espresso.

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BonJour Coffee Stainless Steel 6-cup Stovetop Espresso Maker
Review by OstkUser2677990

Feast. Reliable. Deliver as expected my exoresso coffee. Stainlesteel safe.

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Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker, 8 Cup, 1.0L, 34oz, Copper
Review by OstkUser3402881

I recommend it to anyone who wants a nice cup of coffee read the instruction carefully and works best with freshly ground coffee

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Frieling 36-Ounce Polished Stainless French Press
"Freiing French Press- quality, amazing PRESS" by curby

SUPERAmazing French Press. Frieling takes the WORRY out of making good coffee. My concerns have always been hot water to glass- well, this STAINLESS STEEL, durable, beautiful vessel makes it easy. Display-WORTHY, should be left on the table top allllll day!

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Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel 36-Ounce French Press Coffee Maker Brushed
"Great quality" by Mike K.

Quality in this press is excellent. Very heavy duty and well made. Have tried cheaper ones and there is no comparison.

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BonJour Coffee and Tea 12-cup Monet French Press
Review by Carol O.

Excellent product, easy to use and clean. The cup of coffee is magnificent! Highly recommend!

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French Press Coffee Maker Percolator Pot,800ml Clear,Insulated
"Easy to Use" by OstkUser4113032

Very easy to use as a first-time French Press user. I used Peets Coffee grounds and it was delicious!

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BonJour Monet French Press
Review by OstkUser3706505

I absolutely love my Bonjour Monet French press. It looks just like what you see online. I love the look of this and you can make your coffee as strong or weak or how ever you like your coffee. I would recommend this to anyone who loves coffee and wants to be a bit fancy when serving coffee to family or friends. The price is great. If you do buy one ENJOY!!!!! 👍👍😊

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