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RPI Aqua Buddy Grey 2-quart Automatic Float Pet Waterer
Review by Dana R.

Once we fixed our outside faucet this worked great. update, this didn't last long at all and never really worked like it shows it working in the store. my dog ended up with a tummy issue after using this water also. could just be coincidence

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iTouchless 13 Gallon Wings-Open Sensor Trash Can with AbsorbX Odor Filter and Pet-Proof Lid
"Best trash can you could get." by OstkUser4305925

I,m enjoying my trash can. Not having to open the lid is comforting in these time. We have to be careful. Love it.

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PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box
"No Muss. No Fuss." by ollie123

After I Purchased this, I got another one for my son.

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Gymax Automatic Pet Feeder for Dog Cat Food Dispenser Voice Recorder
Review by Julie W.

It took a few times to program it right but it works great and the cat loves it!

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PetSafe Scoop-Free Ultra Self-cleaning Litter Box
"Makes cleaning a breeze and no smells!" by Andrea H.

So far I'm loving this cat box! The only problem I have with it, is that the front revolving piece pops out easily when my cat jumps out of it. Which can make a mess. So far only 1 of my 3 cats use it. The others are afraid of it. But hopefully in time they will get used to it. No bad smell, and the litter lasts a long time. I buy the litter on ******* (2- 8lb bags) and I got a reusable tray.

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Automatic 1.8-gallon Pet Water Dish
Review by Kim A.

So far so good. I’ll have to update my review once I know the dogs don’t destroy it since my dogs are wild and like to play. So far it filled up nicely. I noticed if the float isn’t adjusted sideways properly the plastic cover may keep it from flowing. A minor twist fixed that problem. We will see how it holds up.

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Gymax Automatic Pet Feeder Smart Cat Dog Food Dispenser Remote Control
"App is a bit weird but overall works" by Rosa M.

This has been extremely helpful. We are 3 roomies who travel and keep very busy schedules and our pup has a very strict eating schedule due to his pancreatitis, so we used to constantly be texting if he had ate since he could only eat 1 cup of food twice a day. The PetJoy allows us to break out the cup into 1/2 cup increments and he now get 4 different feeding times. The app set up could use some bug tune up but other wise works well

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PetSafe Bolt Automatic Laser Light
Review by berilucki1

My cat and small dog love this thing. Keep them busy for a hour or so.

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PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor for Dogs and Cats
Review by Wesley C.

Excellent construction, good technology, and easy to install. We are really enjoying it.

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Pawple Automatic Pet Feeder, 6 Meal Food Dispenser for Dogs, Cats & Small Animals
Review by Callie S.

This works great! I gave 4 stars because the noise it makes when turning to the next section is jarring and scares my cat; I wish it was quieter. It took a while to get him comfortable eating out of it.

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Petmate Portion Right Programmable Cat or Dog Feeder
Review by stace j.

Perfect!! Dog loved it. Timer is great and she is always fed on time at the same time.

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TRIXIE Level 1 Pet Activity Slide and Feed
Review by Jon-erik M.

My dog loves this! It really slows down his eating and he enjoys the challenge the feeder provides. It’s also so much fun watching him interact with the feeder.

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ALEKO Warm Soft Heated Pet Indoor Thermo-Pad Padded Bed
"furry comfortable!!!" by wildmora

My cat is old and very thin. She is always cold. Since I set this up she simply loves to be in it. I added a cover and she loves it. My house is cold at night so it is perfect!!!

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