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Bialetti Frying Pan Ceramic

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Gotham Steel 3 Piece Fry Pan Set Non-stick Ti Cerama

Gotham Steel 3 Piece Fry Pan Set Non-stick Ti Cerama

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"nice pans" by gmark1

The pans work very well. they are very slippery & I haven't had anything stick. My wife has complained that they are too slick. They are lighter than I expected. They heat up faster than the last pans I had & I have to use a lower temperature for cooking.

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NuWave 30242 PIC Induction Cooktop with 10.5-In Fry Pan
Review by Salvador B.

I used paragraphs! I swear, I did! But Overstock's review system decided that we prefer to look at walls of text and edited my paragraphs out of my review. I'm sorry about that.... The NuWave induction cook top is great! I bought two, thinking that I would need two of them, but so far, I've only been using one. It heats the pan so fast, and the heat is so even, that the food cooks quicker. Pros: The controls give lots of options. It's easy to program the cook top. Three wattage settings, so that you can cook without blowing a fuse, depending on your wiring. I got it plugged in to a separate circuit, so I have it set to it's default 1500 watt setting. The six preset temperature settings are great, but you can also adjust the temperature in 10 degree increments, just like it says in the product description. For example, the medium high setting starts at 375 degrees, I can raise or lower the temperature to 385 or higher, or 365 or lower. The controls work in Fahrenheit, by default, or Celsius, and is very easy to change. The timer is also, very easy to set. When the time expires, it beeps, then automatically shuts off. You can also run it without the timer, turn it on, and it stays on, until you turn it off. So, if you use it that way, then you have to pay attention to it, like you would any other stove. Safety. It shuts off when you remove the pot or pan from the cook top, but resumes if you quickly return the pot or pan to the cook top surface. If you leave the pot or pan away from it, it will shut off after a preset amount of time. It's really easy to keep clean! I just use a damp paper towel to wipe it down. That's it! I really am glad that I got this device! The pan that comes with it. It is a solidly made product. I really was impressed with how nonstick the pan was! Even the water, from washing it, mostly rolled out of the pan, leaving it dry! I cooked beef, and pork on it - without adding any butter or oil, and the steak and pork cooked perfectly without sticking..... Cons: Then one day I washed the pan with the plastic scrub side of the sponge.... I used a Scotch Brite Non Scratch sponge... The sponge side is fine... However, NEVER, EVER, EVER use the Non Scratch scrub side of it... NEVER. Also, be careful what spoons and spatulas you use. I think non metallic or wood cooking utensils should be fine. Don't use metal cooking utensils with the pan. If you think a certain kind of plastic cooking utensil might be too hard, then don't use it, either. With a name like Duralon you'd think it was tough! It is not tough, it is delicate. The moment the tiny, but very noticeable scratches appeared, the nonstick capabilities went away. Knowing what I know, I would get another Duralon pan, but I know now to keep non-scratch scrubbers away from it! The display. The digital temperature display is very bright and easy to read from several feet away. That's good, not a Con, however, I wish it would alternate between showing the temperature setting and how much time was left. Maybe alternate showing the temperature for two seconds and then showing the remaining time for five seconds. You have to have the right pots and pans. Get a magnet and stick it to the bottoms of your pots and pans. If the magnet don't stick, then the pots and pans won't work. Take the magnet with you when you go shopping for new pots and pans. Not all makers of pots and pans display whether their product is induction cook top ready... Final thoughts: I would definitely get this product again. After cooking with an induction cook top, I will never go back to regular electric cook tops again! Induction cook tops for the win! I said earlier that I got two of them. I've decided to give it to my brother. I've been using the NuWave induction cook top for almost a full month. I got it October 1st, and today is the 29th, and I am not one bit sorry (except for scratching the pan) that I got it! I gave it four stars because of how delicate the Duralon (smirks) surface is - although it really is great - until you scratch it. And because the digital display does not alternate to show the temperature and the remaining cook time. They say that the cook top does not get hot... The surface itself doesn't get hot, but the hot pot or pan does heat up the cook top surface... So... don't touch the surface after you remove the pot or pan. You'll burn your hand.

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ARTMARTIN Frying Pan Non-Stick Ceramic Coated with Induction Bottom
Review by ELADIA C.

Oh ustedes no entienden cocine unos huevos si aceite y me quedaron

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Gotham Steel 3 Piece Shallow Square Frying Pan Cookware Set
"Gotham is the BEST." by claudette b.

Doing a HAPPY DANCE. Delivery was early. Cool. Professionaly delivered. Package intact Couldn't be happier.šŸ˜€

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ZWILLING Clad CFX 2-pc Stainless Steel Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan Set with Lid Set - Stainless Steel
"High quality item" by VIKRAM P.

Pros: --feels high quality, solid --great nonstick surface though I've only used it a couple of times so far Cons: --heavy, especially with the lid on Highly recommend!

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NuWave Flex Precision Induction Cooktop with 9-inch Frying Pan
Review by Don D.

Replaced one that I have had for years. The small circumference makes it hard to adjust heat with larger skillets and pots.

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Gotham Steel Nonstick Ti Cerama Double Grill
"FabulousFabulousFabulous" by justalady

If you do nothing else with this amazing pan, put strips of bacon on the grill side and bake at 400 for 20 minutes! OMG, I'm inventing new sandwiches every day that include bacon.

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Gourmet Chef 8-inch Eco-friendly Non-stick Ceramic Fry Pan
"Non stick" by ReeGirl

I should have paid attention to the the diameter measurement because I wanted a larger pan. Something non-stick to make pancakes. However, it works for me. It's a heavy pan....not flimsy at all. I'm happy for the price.

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Gotham Steel Copper Non-stick 9.5-inch Fry Pan Ti Cerama
"Way better than the last ($***) pan I purchased" by Robert B.

This frying pan is a gem. A little smaller than I thought (should have paid attention to the size - 9.5 - prior to final purchase), but nevertheless, this is an incredible find. Super happy with this. Made a large breakfast for dinner the first night I had it.

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Gotham Steel Ticerama Titanium and Ceramic XL Nonstick Crisper Tray
"The food taste great with this crisper." by George C.

This tray is great. It is of good quality. Very easy clean up. We recently purchased a new gas oven with an Airfry feature but it did not come with a tray. I did a little research and decided on the Gotham Steel Ticerama Titanium XL nonstick crisper tray.

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Gotham Steel Grey Ti Cerama 12.5-inch Non-stick Fry Pan
"Big but lightweight" by Kirk

Exactly as shown in the pic. This is a nice big frying pan. Food slides off, cleaning is a breeze.

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Gotham Steel Round Copper Air Fry Crisper Tray, Pizza & Baking Pan
"This Air Fry Is A Good Buy" by duke1129

With the recent purchase of a new Gas Range with Air Fry capability i purchase 2 Air Fry Trays..You can put both inside oven. Chicken, French Fries, Steaks, etc., come out brown, crisp and tasty. Grease drains into pan below.. Copper coating makes tray non stick for foods and easy to clean. I do recommend this Air Fryer Tray

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Ballarini Parma Forged Aluminum 11-inch Nonstick Stir Fry Pan - Granite
"Virtually stick free and Easy to Clean" by sleuth694

This is a great stir fry pan. I have found that Ballarini makes all sorts of granite cookware. I have purchased additional pieces and have been delighted with all of them. There is nothing easier to clean. Nothing will stick to this granite cookware. You wouldn't be disappointed if you made this purchase.

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ZWILLING Spirit 3-ply 2-pc Stainless Steel Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan Set - Stainless Steel
Review by Barbara D.

I love these pans!!!!! They are heavy duty and cook wonderfully. They do have some weight to them but wipe easy!!

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Demeyere Industry 5-Ply Stainless Steel Ceramic Nonstick Fry Pan
"Best pan ever!!" by Alfredo M.

Absolute pleasure to cook with. Best pan ever. Planning to buy 2 more same size as soon as I can.

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Granitestone Blue Non Stick 12' Fry Pan, PFOA Free
Review by Nhung Thi Vuong

If wanted to kept last long for coat nonstick, first, boil the hot water haft an hour. Great item n nice, fast hot pan. Thanks alot

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Gotham Steel Deep Square and Square Shallow 5 Piece Cookware Set Nonstick Copper
Review by Koren S.

Really love these especially since they come with lids and they cook really evenly

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Granitestone Blue Non Stick 14' Family Sized Open Skillet-PFOA Free
"Excellent quality - love the pan" by Paula D.

The pan is a little smaller than I had hoped, but I absolutely love it - great value and sturdy design!

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