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Giant Memory Foam Bean Bag 6-foot Chair

Giant Memory Foam Bean Bag 6-foot Chair

Was $205.99 $44.50 OFF
Sale Starts at $161.49
"Very large, needs to air out, durable material" by fapas

This beanbag is HUGE. It comes packaged tightly, so I’d recommend taking it to the room that you want to use it in before opening the box. It takes 2 or 3 days to fully expand to size (needs to air out). My son is literally sleeping on this at night. You can comfortably lay across it if you are 5 1/2 ft or shorter. Fabric is high quality and very durable.

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5-foot Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair
Review by Dorothy R.

Have only had it for a few hours and it’s expanded a lot. They say it can take 4-5 days so we’ll see if it gets bigger. Comfortable but not quite as soft as I thought it would be. My dog and daughter like it!

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Larson Faux Suede 8-foot Lounge Beanbag Chair by Christopher Knight Home
"great product" by Annette T.

easy to unbox and ready for use quickly. Perfect addition to our home. will be purchasing a 2nd for another room

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Asher Faux Suede 6.5-foot Lounge Beanbag Chair by Christopher Knight Home
Review by Arianna S.

Just received my item and the zipper is broken! UPDATE: Once we expressed concern to customer service, the sent out a “new part”. I was thinking the new part would be the cover. NOPE! They sent a whole new bag and told me to keep the damaged one. (Not sure how I would have gotten it back into the box after it expanded anyway!) That was very nice of them to do at no extra charge to me. YEAR UPDATE: Bag is holding up very well! We love it!

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Porch & Den Green Bridge Memory Foam Bean Bag 4-foot Chair

Porch & Den Green Bridge Memory Foam Bean Bag 4-foot Chair

Was $112.49 $12.50 OFF
Starting at $99.99
Review by Jennine F.

Our entire family loves this chair, however, with that said, it does have a pungent smell that has lingered for the two months we have had it. Not horrible, but still noticeable.

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Porch & Den Green Bridge 6-foot Memory Foam Bean Bag Lounger

Porch & Den Green Bridge 6-foot Memory Foam Bean Bag Lounger

Was $197.49 $29.62 OFF
Sale Starts at $167.87
Review by Alexandra B.

We love this bean bag. We have had it for a few months now and it is holding up beautifully and we have put it to the test! Kids (sometimes adults) jumping on it, jumping off of the couch onto it, throwing kids onto it, dragging it around the house, and a simple shake out and it fluffs right back up. One adult and two children or two adults or multiple kids easily fit on this thing. Our favorite piece of furniture so far.

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Madison Faux Suede 5-foot Lounge Beanbag Chair by Christopher Knight Home
"Humungous and comfy!" by Jillian B.

Our chair arrived! It is quite as big as it is touted to be and truly as heavy (it is a bag of memory foam!) It puffed up in a few hours and we took everyone's advice and really kicked it around to loosen the foam, turning it over or around ever few hours (what else to do in quarantine?!) We waited overnight to put the cover on to let the light smell and any moisture dissipate. It seemed a little damp on arrival but that may have been normal. The cat has now claimed it as her bed, but when we are allowed to use it, both my partner and I fit on it together happily for movie nightor video games! For reference he's about 5'8" and I am 5'2" is taking up most of our nyc apartment living room at the moment but we love it and can store it in the bedroom if we ever get tired of the space being taken up!

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Soft Memory Foam Microsuede 7.5-foot Beanbag Chair Lounger
Review by Jonna W.

Love it so far. It is huge. It's the size of a couch. Seems pretty durable so far. The only con I can think of is that my dog thinks it's his. That's him in the picture.

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Jaxx Floor Pillow Bean Bag Lounger with Chenille Cover
"Comfy, HUGE & thick!" by Joanie G.

I was very skeptical about this since I've been burned buying furniture online before, but this is exactly what I was looking for! It's extremely flat when it arrives but it fluffs up like CRAZY, so don't worry. It's a thick one for sure. I basically wanted a dog bed, but for humans, and that's EXACTLY what I got. I'm very happy with it! It seems filled with shredded memory foam, so you can shape it a bit, you can leave it flat on the ground or prop it up against the wall for a "couch" feel. Very comfortable and inviting. Every time I walk past it, I want to lie on it. **WARNING** The cover comes separately and might be at the bottom of the box depending on which side you open first. I initiated a return because I thought they'd sent me the wrong color/fabric, until I checked in the box and found the cover. Make sure not to be a dumb-dumb like me and check the box :P

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Christopher Knight Home Slacker 3-foot Shag Fur Beanbag
"Great for teenager" by Christie U.

It is super soft and looks great. However it is a little stiff and not a lot of back support for adults. But my son loves it.

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GOLD MEDAL® Bean Bag, Microsuede, Extra Small 84"

GOLD MEDAL® Bean Bag, Microsuede, Extra Small 84"

Was $63.93 $12.19 OFF
Sale Starts at $51.74
"Black is dark blue" by Linda K.

This is a fine little bean bag chair and fits a kid just fine. I got black, but next to my black vinyl couch it’s very dark blue. It’s OK.

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Jaxx 6' Cocoon Bean Bag Sofa

Jaxx 6' Cocoon Bean Bag Sofa

Starting at $257.99
Review by Effie C.

Not real happy with it. Thought it was bigger. But you lose some I guess it was suppose to be bigger the first one we got was right.

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Christopher Knight Home Slacker Faux Fur Shag Beanbag
Review by Mary Jo N.

not a bad product but felt it would get dirty very easily

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Jaxx 5 ft. Giant Bean Bag Chair
Review by Richard S.

Like the size but did not expect to weigh so much. I also don’t like the micro fiber material the dogs hair sticks to it

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Monroe Faux Fur 2.75-foot Lounge Beanbag Chair by Christopher Knight Home
Review by Gary S.

At first I loved it, then after a few hours it filled up too much and my 2 yrs old grandson couldn't even stay on it without skipping off. Is there any way to take out some of the fill so it's not so full and solid?

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Warrin Furry Glam Faux Fur 3 Ft. Bean Bag by Christopher Knight Home
"Nice sized furry bean bags (but no beans)" by kellycoy

I bought these for my nieces and they love them. They are not really bean bag like though. they stay a little rough.

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Jaxx Nimbus Large Spandex Bean Bag Gaming Chair
"Cover cannot be wash, no liner" by ronnie65

I love this bean bag, it is the favorite nap place. The only problem is that it does not have a liner so the cover cannot be wash.

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Costa Alegre Outdoor 5.5'x4' Lounger Bean Bag by Christopher Knight Home
Review by Chelsea G.

This is a huge pillow that is absolutely a dream to lay on! It’s just the right mount of firm to pillowy and is large enough for myself who is 5’9” to lay on comfortably with pillows. High quality, easy to clean fabric and is easy to fluff when it flattens out. Highly recommended!

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