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INSTEN High Performance/ Speedy HDMI Splitter for HDTV PS3 DVD with IR Remote
"If u more hdmi ports t u is is for you" by Jamie H.

Excellent quality does what it it says it does in the the description.my son loves it instead of having to switch his gaming systems around they can stay hooked up

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INSTEN 6-feet HDMI to HDMI Type D Micro Cable
"Excellent product at an amazing price!" by Louis C.

I needed this cable to focus a camera lens. Since it's not something I'm going to use everyday, buying one on a budget is most beneficial for my application. At first, I went to an electronics store and got charged $25 to buy this exact cable. I returned it shortly just judging my budget. I got home and saw this was on Overstock a week later, and decided that this is my best option; I ordered it and it shipped locally, I didn't get any updates on tracking but the location was so close-by I didn't expect it would be needed. Just got this cable in the mail 20 minutes ago, tried it out and now I have PERFECT focus on my camera, couldn't be happier with this decision! The price is excellent and saved me enough to make-up for another product purchase I needed. Thank you for selling this product at such a great price!

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INSTEN 6-foot Version 3 High Speed Male to Male HDMI Cable
Review by OstkUser199871

This item is a great quality item it work s well and is reasonably priced. This item is not bulky and works well with smart tv.

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Unique Bargains Black 3 Way Splitter RCA Audio Video AV Switch Case Game Selector Switcher
Review by David M

This three way splitter works very well. Have a TV with one set of RCA Jack's, and both VCR and DVD player in the kids room are RCA. Easy for them to switch from one device to the other and watch whatever they want without unplugging cables from the TV.

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INSTEN Black 14.75-foot HDMI-HDMI Cable (Pack of 2)
Review by Keyia R.

These come in handy! Longer than I expected. But very good quality and very convenient!! great buy!

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Monoprice HDMI to VGA Kit
Review by Robert A.

Works as described, converted a computer monitor vga spot so I have 2 hdmi hook ups now and no need for a splitter

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INSTEN Premium 6-foot M/ M HDMI Cable/ Type A to Type D Micro
Review by abarnes67

This was exactly what I needed so that I could watch content from my Kindle Fire HD on my tv.

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INSTEN 50-foot HDMI M/ M Cable
Review by Sally S.

I didn’t personally use my husband used and said were goo

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INSTEN Female to Female HDMI Adapter
Review by Paul S.

Works well. Now I can link two cables to make one long one.

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INSTEN Premium 3-feet Black Male/ Male VGA Monitor Cable
"small but big" by lightingstar

I am a visitor and just stay a short time in U.S. I bought this little thing just for wachting my film on TV from my laptop. From buying such a small item I feel something big of the state. I like the Overstork give me the changce to have this experience.

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INSTEN Black 25-foot M/ M HDMI Cable
Review by Helen N.

This cable does exactly what it is supposed to do. I use it with an outdoor antenna and both are performing well. The cable came securely packaged.

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INSTEN Mesh Black 25-foot M/ M HDMI Cable
Review by Jo R.

Ordered these to stream from my computer to the tv for exercising. This work so well and I am glad I ordered it. If I need another one in the future I will order the same brand again.

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INSTEN Black Male to Male High-speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet
Review by morrison1958

I bought these for using my laptop to get on the Internet with my TV. Trying to get online to Discovery Go and others is difficult using the keyboard on the TV. I find it easier to use my computer.

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INSTEN 3-foot Black Version 2 High-speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet
"positive" by Mozharul

The product is manufactured outside of USA. But the quality is very good and the price is very reasonable. The lengths I used are not commonly available in local retail stores.

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INSTEN 30-foot Black Male to Male High-speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet
Review by palski4alski

simple 30 feet of H,D,M,I, CABLE. for $11.00 is a Great Price when you compare the pricing at BestBuy but or Walmart for a 6 foot or 12 foot will cost you in the neighborhood of $25, to $30.+ FOR LESS THAN HALF THE CABLE DISTANCE. I WILL TAKE TO MUCH OVER NOT ENOUGH EVERY TIME.

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INSTEN 25-foot Black M/ M HDMI Cable
"Hdmi cord" by Catrina J.

So glad I ordered this. It is super long just like I need it ti be. So now I don't have to get up to do anything or even wish the computer was closer so I could change the movie. This reallly do come in handy. I think everyone needs one or two of these in their home. Its reallly needed. Saves you a trip from getting up and down . If you know what I mean. How I sit here and make this review 100000 charcters. I mean how is this possible? All I can say about the cords are they really work and they are helpful. Pleae get your cord today not tomorrow. You won't be disappointed. They come in handy saves you a trip from getting up and down. Or even wishing you had a longer cord.

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INSTEN 10-foot M/ M HDMI to DVI Cable
"It's difficult to review cables but...." by Nate M.

They are cables and they adequately do the job of carrying signal from my PC to its monitors.

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INSTEN 10-foot Male to Male HDMI to DVI Cable
Review by OstkUser2529818

Works perfectly, sturdy, and great price. Good if you want to connect a new laptop to an old monitor.

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