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6ft Black Light

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Tisaphon Dual Lamp Crystal Lighted Fan Chandelier - 52-inches Diameter
"Beautiful ceiling fan" by Roy G.

Very Beautiful good quality. Must have piece.was miss a screw put when call customer service they was very unprofessional. Fine a screw st the homeport problem solved. Overall I would recommend this item.

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Gredis Black 30-inch 6-light Ceiling Fan Chandelier
"Great fan option" by Gay Y.

We love this! lot's of compliments on it. Good option if you don't want a big fan. Circulates the air very well.

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Usard Black 32-inch 8-light Lighted Ceiling Fan Fandelier (includes Remote and Light Kit)
"Frustrating to install and overpriced" by Michele C.

Good: Nice looking / good style, the fan works great and is completely silent. Bad: the cost!!!! (seriously, about 100% too expensive for what this is); installation was aggravating beyond belief as the instructions were worse than **** (no linear order, brief to the point of being useless). The bracket is designed to go into the ceiling ... I have old plaster ceilings so this wouldn't work until part of my ceiling was removed to mount securely to a beam (this thing is heavy). As a result of this setting the fan inside my ceiling, the bracket cover doesn't fit now bc the tiny screws to attach it aren't nearly long enough. Hopefully I can find appropriate hardware at a store. Overall, this was just the most annoying installation experience ever, and I'm grateful my partner was able to make it work.

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Tohva 6-Light Ivory Tiffany 5-Blade 52-Inch Matte Black Ceiling Fan (2 Color Option Blades)
"Amazing" by OstkUser3387500

Absolutely beautiful, looks better than the picture and the quality is top notch

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Kalsti 6-Light Lily Tiffany 5-Blade 52-Inch Matte Black Ceiling Fan
Review by Karen B.

You sent two of these chandeliers. I refused delivery of one. The chandelier is beautiful

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Windflower 60 Inch 12 Blade Indoor / Outdoor Smart Ceiling Fan with Six Speed DC Motor and LED Light.
"Form and function describes this fan perfectly" by OstkUser2125703

So perfect for my space farm house sheik kicks out tons of air all while looking beautiful

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Jyrku 6-Light Yellow Flower Tiffany 5-Blade 52-Inch Matte Black Ceiling Fan
Review by Myrtle C N.

I love this ceiling fan, we use it year around, because it give great air, for our dogs.

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Jalev 6-Light Dragonfly Tiffany 5-Blade 52-Inch Matte Black Ceiling Fan
Review by Carol H.

I get soooooo many compliments on this fan. Its beautiful

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Orla 6-Light Baroque Tiffany 5-Blade 52-Inch Black Ceiling Fan
"Perfect combination of traditional, vintage & glam" by OstkUser3726954

This fan is beautiful. My husband and I were able to install it in under an hour. I think it is the perfect amount of traditional, vintage, and just sparkly enough to have that little bit of glam that I need. (I only wish I had cleaned the glass inside before putting it all together. Handling left fingerprints, but I'm probably the only person who can tell.) I love it and I am looking at other similar fixtures to compliment it.

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Ransoe 6-Light Blue Heart Tiffany 5-Blade 52-Inch Matte Black Ceiling Fan
"WOW Great" by OstkUser4129536

The first impression was WOW beautify. I still have to install but the looks of the product are good so far.

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Solid Wood 6 ft. Handmade Decorative Ladder Rack
Review by Debbie D.

In my pool bath, it holds sunscreens, towels and everything needed at the pool and is easily moved outdoors

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Lightning USB Charger Data Sync Cable for Apple iPhone 7 6s Ipad Ipod 6ft
"iPhone cords" by OstkUser2868843

Love these cords and in all my favorite colors! I keep one in every room so I don’t have to keep moving my charging cords around....I always have one where I need it!

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Coffee Pro CP-CB-SPC-001 Coffee Brewer Coffee Pro Specialty Unit - Commercial
"Great Price-point Maker - Coffee Pro CP-CB-SPC-001" by Dudley G.

Let me begin stating that this coffee maker is not SCAA certified. With that in mind, it is a very good brewer. The unit isn't the fastest in terms of brewing time, but it is fast. My timing of the brew cycle was <4 minutes for 6 cups and <5 minutes for 8 cups brewed (full pot) without Pre-Infusion. When you include the Pre-Infusion cycle one would add 25-30 seconds to these times. I have utilized the Pre-Infusion cycle and found it to slightly improve the taste of the coffee using filtered water. It is my opinion that filtered water has a GREATER impact on the taste than does Pre-Infusion; I use Pre-Infusion. Using the cafe' maker is simple though due to size a bit cumbersome to relocate from under cabinet space, a requirement due to steam emitted during the brew cycle. Cleaning of the unit is a breeze with some parts being dishwasher safe. The important reason for the purchase of any cafe' maker is the taste. When it comes to taste, I'd give this maker an 8 out of 10. The cafe' is smooth and consistent from brew to brew. I have yet to try different coffees in this maker, but feel it would extract 80% or better of the quality present in said coffee. I do use fresh ground whole beans, but have yet to try fresh roasted whole beans. The warmer plate turns off after 45 minutes, thus I recommend making the amount of coffee you consume within that 45-minute time and re-brew additional coffee if needed to avoid cold coffee. I did not test the temperature of the coffee on the plate after 30 minutes, but the fresh brewed coffee temperature is between 180-200 degrees. I suspect that temperature decreases a bit on the warmer plate. The reason for choosing this maker was based upon value for the dollar. In this category it is well worth the price of entry. Certainly, there are many other cafe' makers which would out perform this unit and are made of better-quality material, but at 3-8 times the price. A price I could not, nor would not justify. I have tasted coffee from several of the high-end units owned by rich friends; yes, the coffee was better tasting but not 3-5 times the price better. Your taste may dictate otherwise; I on the other hand have many other interests where my dollars are needed. If you can live with the size and slightly better than average built product at this price point, you would do well to purchase it. NOTE: The five-star rating reserved for the high-end makers prices 3-8 times higher. Would I purchase it again, YES!

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