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This is your home. This is what you love.

I Love Living celebrates the life that happens in your home. The fresh styles are specifically designed with comfort, quality, and fun in mind. Use them to create spaces where the unexpected joys of everyday life can unfold and even linger.

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Shopping Tips

Traditional Furniture vs Contemporary Furniture

Traditional furniture and contemporary furniture each belong to distinctive interior design categories. Where the first is a celebration of the ornate and indulgent, the second adheres to the understated. Traditional furniture offers elegance and romance. Contemporary furniture is subtle and urban in its appeal. The styles each have their own characteristics, their own charm and attractions. They ...

Leather Furniture Grades Fact Sheet

When shopping for leather furniture, you may notice that leather pieces have a much wider price range than furniture made with other materials. The pricing of leather furniture, in part, has to do with leather grade. Learning the grading system can help you choose the best leather furniture for your home. This leather furniture grades fact sheet should help you in your furniture hunt.

How to Clean Canvas Furniture

Canvas furniture can be casual, sporty or elegant. It is used indoors and outdoors, in the home, the patio and on yachts. Canvas is a fairly durable fabric, but some colors will show dirt easily, and the fabric can mildew. Clean canvas patio furniture twice a season (when bringing it out of storage and before returning it to storage) and other times as needed. Indoor canvas patio furniture may require ...

Bar Furniture Buying Guide

Bar Furniture Buying Guide | Overstock™ <meta property="og:image" content="img/mxc/150218_home-bar-furniture-BG.jpg" data-pin-nopin="true" /> <meta name="twitter:image:src" content="img/mxc/150218_home-bar-furniture-BG.jpg" data-pin-nopin="true" /> Bar Furniture Buying Guide by Stephanie Petersen Published April 28, 2010 | Updated February 18, 2015 You may love to invite friends for martinis, or you ...
What Shoppers Are Saying

Good bed frame, but some advice

I got this bed frame on sale for really cheap. Had I paid more, I would probably not be so happy with it. If you want a nice, good quality bed frame, don't buy this one. If you need a cheap bed frame that will work for now, this might be for you. Read the rest of my review below.......................... ...
Britannia V. September 30, 2016

Chair assembly details

There are 4 pairs of screws. Regular philips heads go into tenon rail, long flat heads go into the front rail, medium flat heads go into back rail, shortest flat heads go into rear mesh back support. Place tenon piece in hole so that screws goes in from bottom. Use impact driver (Ryobi Home Depot and ...
Brian R. July 30, 2016

Long Awaited Purchase!!

I've wanted this bed ever since I saw the black one at west elm in DC several yrs ago now & saw on overstock! Unfortunately for me, it sold out twice over the course of a year in a half on overstock before I was in a place to purchase it once restocked. I did NOT wait once in stock again 3rd time! I ...
SaShai August 23, 2015

TwinTank Makes my Floors Shine!

Hoover is a common household name when it comes to cleaning but even so, its sometime hard to know if a product is the right fit for you. And with so many on limited budgets and time, especially if you have a houseful of kids and pets, its also important to make the right choice the first time around. ...
August 04, 2012