Zodiac Facts: Gemini



Astrological signs hold an unusual place in public opinion. The insight they offer is viewed as fact by some, folly by others, and the basis of perfect pick-up lines by the rest. According to the astrological calendar, Gemini is the third sign of twelve, is an air sign, and is represented by "the Twins." What do these facts mean? If you're shopping for a gift for a Gemini, the facts about their sign might just point you to the perfect gift.

Facts about Geminis:

  1. Geminis are represented as "the Twins." Boasting one of the most direct correlations between legend and astrological embodiment, the twins of Gemini are widely accepted to be Castor and Pollux from Greek mythology. Together forever in stories and in the stars that form their constellation, the twins have come to represent the ability Geminis have to see both sides of any issue. Sometimes called two-faced or inconsistent, Geminis prefer to consider themselves well-rounded. Since their constellation is the patron constellation of sailors, they might be interested in boats and kayaks, or all water sports.

  2. Gemini is an air sign. The three air signs of the zodiac are Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. While each sign is known for different characteristics, the air signs have in common the ability to think things through. Sometimes analytical to the point of seeming distant, a Gemini likes to make decisions based on experience. The Gemini's active mind means they can be easily bored and do their best when they're busy. Keep a Gemini entertained with chess or other board games.

  3. Geminis are ruled by the planet Mercury. The planet Mercury is best known in astrological circles for the chaos it causes when it goes into retrograde three times each year. Following Mercury's lead, Geminis are prone to a little bit of chaos -- also known as multitasking. They're at their best when doing many things at once, making them excellent party hosts, and they're gifted at smooth-talking people into going along with their plans. Help them prepare for a party with barware and serveware.

  4. Geminis have the pearl as their birthstone. Different sources cite different dates for each of the signs, but it's generally accepted that Gemini runs from May 21 through June 21. Most Geminis have pearls as their birthstone, with just the very beginning of the sign falling into May, which has emerald as the birthstone. Pearls are thought to enhance both the negative and positive personality traits associated with the Gemini sign.

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