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Yellow Bedroom Ideas

Yellow Bedroom Ideas

This guide is part of our Overstock Stylist Commentary series, home design tips written by industry experts.


by Teisha Ahlstrom

My name is Teisha and I have been working for Overstock a total of seven years. I love mixing styles and creating unique environments that our audience may not have considered! My past experience in photo retouching and digital teching has given me a lot of insight on set.


Is yellow a good color for a bedroom? Yes! Yellow tends to evoke feelings such as optimism and cheerfulness, but it’s a bit trickier to work with because of the boldness of the color. Rather than shy away from yellow, I want to lean into this universally happy hue.


To help you find inspiration, I created three different mood boards for how to decorate a yellow bedroom. A mood board (or inspiration board) is a physical or digital collage of ideas. It really helps to visualize a design in your space.


No matter your style, I encourage you to stretch beyond your comfort zone. With a little effort and imagination, you could fall in love with it!


Yellow and Blue Bedroom Ideas

Balance Your Color Palette With Accessories

Combining warm yellow with a cooler blue can help your bedroom feel polished. In this case, I used blue as an accent color in smaller touches, such as the lamp and throw. And to offset the cool blues, I scattered in warm yellow, grounding the space with an eclectic rug. The hints of red in the rug also add vibrancy, harmonizing well with the tones of the wall decor.


Break up the Solid Colors

When you’re decorating with blue and yellow bedroom color schemes, work in some patterns and texture for variety. For example, I paired this fun blue damask print pillow with a rich, velvety yellow throw pillow. I also brought in this dark navy velvet bench for substance. It’s so sleek and sophisticated, and bonus points, it has storage inside.


Mix Styles for a Unique Look

Playing with eras and elements will add interest to your blue and yellow bedroom. Try layering vases — I blended this modern milky yellow vase with a traditional porcelain bird vase that’s a bit more delicate and feminine. It creates an art deco vibe, perfect for contemporary yellow bedroom designs.


Yellow and White Bedroom Ideas

Work Around a Yellow Statement Piece

If you’re looking for yellow bedroom decorating ideas that only slightly incorporate the hue, a yellow and white bedroom is a refreshing compromise. Choose a distinctive yellow statement piece, like this upholstered bed. Neutral decor will make it seem less intimidating. For example, the tiny dashes of yellow in the butterfly artwork blend nicely with our bed frame, but its black-and-white background refine our color palette. And while the swivel chair’s gold legs feel cohesive, its beige upholstery doesn’t overwhelm the bedroom.


Provide Contrast With Shapes

Mixing hard and soft shapes will keep your yellow bedroom design young and fun without using too much color. The ornate gold mirror and crystal chandelier bring in a sense of glam. Adding modern pieces such as a geometric shag rug, a mid-century nightstand, and a contemporary floor lamp will help counterbalance the romance of the feminine decor.


Pull in Yellow Plants

Finally, I don’t believe any room is complete without some plants. Artificial succulents and faux orchids give life to yellow bedrooms without the extra work of plant care.


Yellow and Red Bedroom Ideas

Start With Artwork in Your Color Range

This mood board is my personal favorite. Red and yellow bedroom ideas, for me, were an absolute struggle. Most inspiration I found was not to my taste. So, I found some classic Picasso pieces that appealed to me. This Persian-inspired rug works so well with them: the yellow in the rug falls more into beige, but pulling the softer yellows from the artwork helped balance the dark reds.


Couple Rich Shades With Traditional Style

This mature look calls for old-world decor. The canopy bed and warm wood spindle nightstand feel dramatic without distracting your attention away from the red and yellow scheme. While the shape of the pendant light brings in a modern twist, the beautiful amber bench enhances its warm gold color.


Use Minimal Color in Decor

Because the main pieces are so bold, try to mute your decor for this yellow themed bedroom. Some modern brown marble bookends will complement all of your books about art and travel. To bring tranquility to an otherwise striking room, I used subtle earth tones. You’ll see pale yellow and textured green in the throw pillows, and rust colors in a set of fluted vases.

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