Women's Skirts Buying Guide

by Staff Writer

Skirts have always have always been an essential element of women's clothing, but with so many options, it may be hard to decide which skirts are right for you. Long skirts, short skirts, pleated skirts, pencil skirts: It's enough to make you want to give up and only wear pants! This women's skirt buying guide is here to help you diversify your wardrobe. Once you know how to buy skirts that will look great on you, you'll love having skirts in your closet.

Types of Skirts:

Women's Skirts Buying Guide

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  • Circle.

    If you set a circle skirt onto the floor with the waistband in the middle, it would make a full circle. This full skirt is usually rather short, and it's usually made of a lightweight fabric.

  • A-line.

    Narrow at the waist with a slight flare at the bottom, an A-line skirt is almost universally flattering. A-line skirts are usually about knee-length.

  • Pencil.

    Narrow and straight -- like their namesake -- pencil skirts add or show off curves. A denim skirt is often cut in this style, too.

  • Trouser.

    Trouser skirts can be fitted or flared, but they all share the details of a pair of trousers: fly fronts, belt loops and pockets.

  • Pleated.

    The folded fabric of pleated skirts -- which may start at the waist or be stitched closed to the hip -- lends fullness to the look.

  • Tiered.

    Horizontal bands of fabric are sewn together to create a flared tier. Tiered skirts are often mid-calf length and can be formal or casual, depending on the fabric the skirt is made of.

  • Mini.

    With their mid-thigh length, mini skirts and similar short skirts are flattering on women with great legs.

  • Maxi.

    An ankle-length skirt which can be made of summer- or winter-weight fabric, long skirts may not show any leg, but with the right top, these skirts can be very fashionable.

  • Bias-cut.

    A bias-cut skirt is made of fabric which has been cut on the diagonal, giving it a feminine flowing look.

  • Asymmetrical.

    With one side of the hem longer than the other, asymmetrical skirts have a fun feel that's perfect for an evening out.

Skirts that Work for You

  • Petites.

    Look for straight skirts, like pencil skirts, or something slightly flared, like an A-line skirt. The length is tricky: your skirt should be just above the knee if you're slender, and it should just cover the kneecap if you're larger on top. Vertical details, like stripes or seams, can add to your height. Skirts with an off-center slit will make your legs look longer. A full-length skirt can create height. Avoid women's skirts with excessive details.

  • Curvy.

    Skirts with a slight flare that just cover the knee will be the best choice. Choose skirts with flat fronts and back closures. If your curves make you a little bottom-heavy, choose skirts that end at the narrowest part of your knee. If your curves make you a little heavier in the middle, skirts without a waistband or with a dropped-waist will de-emphasize the area. Avoid women's skirts with pleats that start at the waist; the pleats may pull open in an unflattering way.

  • Boyish.

    Pencil skirts can give you the illusion of curves. The fullness of a tiered skirt, pleated plaid skirt or a circle skirt will add curves to your body in a pretty way. The stiffness of a denim skirt can create the look of hips.

  • Tall.

    Women with long legs can carry off mid-length skirts beautifully. An asymmetrical skirt can emphasize gorgeous long legs. Approach mini skirts with caution: balance your legs with flat shoes and a top that doesn't reveal too much.

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