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Women's Fragrances for Every Occasion


A woman in a hat putting on perfume

Fragrance is a powerful force. Scent can change your perception, invoke memories, affect your mood, and act as a lingering reminder of your presence. The perfect fragrance can make any occasion more memorable. Read on to discover how to choose the best fragrance for any occasion while staying true to your fragrance personality.

Perfumes for Every Occasion

  1. Black-tie event: When you're dressed to the nines, choose a perfume as striking as your attire. A combination of musk and wood top notes with citrus undertones works as a sophisticated complement to an elegant winter evening. Leather and crisp fruit strike an exotic balance at a breezy summer gathering. With the right fragrance, your aura will be as memorable as your style.

    Notes: Jasmine, vanilla, patchouli, oak moss, clove, honey, bergamot, leather

  2. Workday: Always opt for subtle scents with crisp fruit or light floral notes, particularly if you work in close quarters. Fragrance sensitivity is an issue for many; lavender, rose, and fresh scents, in particular, are often highly allergenic. The statement should be stylish and understated -- never cough-inducing or distracting. Leave your bold scents for when you're off the clock.

    Notes: Pear, apple, coconut, gardenia, mint, basil, almond

  3. Saturday errands: Do you have a full schedule of grocery shopping, bank runs, and soccer practice on your weekend docket? Don a pair of comfortable shoes, grab a cup of joe, and dab on a zesty citrus fragrance. You'll feel energized all day.

    Notes: Mandarin orange, grapefruit, island flowers, peach blossom, wild rose

  4. First date: Choose a scent that complements your presence without overpowering it. Also think about first impressions. A crisp and classic grapefruit and floral scent will lend a playful, spontaneous air to your demeanor while oriental notes of amber and orchid will set the stage for a romantic date night.

    Notes: Myrrh, amber, orchid, plum, bergamot, musk, sandalwood, lotus flower

  5. Holiday party: Savory food, burning candles, a crackling fire, and simmering wassail: The enticing aroma of a holiday party is one of the best parts of the season. Choose a scent that will complement, not clash, with a rich bouquet of delicious smells. Lemon, vanilla, cinnamon, and florals with gourmand nuances of caramel, sugar, and chocolate will create the perfect lingering note.

    Notes: Citrus, black currant, pear, vanilla, cinnamon, gourmand florals

When Not to Wear Perfume:

A signature fragrance can make a memorable statement. However, there are a few situations where you should keep your eau de toilette on the shelf.

  1. Skip perfume for a big job interview. You want to be remembered for your personality and skills, not your fragrance.

  2. At a backyard barbeque or on a camping trip, your favorite perfume could attract bees, mosquitos, and other insects.

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