Why You Need a Wool Rug

Why You Need a Wool Rug

Rustic bedroom with wool rug

A wool rug’s gentle tufts are perfect for both a life of luxury and casual comfort. Whether you’re putting down roots or are in a time of transition, see why wool is your best investment for a rug with long-lasting beauty.


Durability That Doesn’t Quit

durable wool rug

Wool rugs can withstand decades of use as your family room’s focal point. With short strands sheared from a sheep’s fluffy coils, wool easily bounces back into shape. Wool’s super forgiving fibers can recover from living room traffic or dining room stains. A wool rug’s high pile won’t lose its fleecy look under heavy furniture either.


Not every type of rug has this level of durability, so be prepared to pay a little bit more when you choose wool. Trust us, a few extra dollars are worth the peace of mind, comfort, and quality a genuine wool rug provides.


Long-Lasting Colors & Patterns

colorful wool rug

While other natural fibers tend to come in neutral colors, wool’s thick fibers take to dye very well. You can find this type of rug in saturated hues and bold designs, which should stay vibrant and beautiful for years to come. That being said, be prepared for your new wool rug to shed a little bit. It’s totally normal. You can reduce the amount of shedding by using a rug pad underneath.


Maintenance That’s Simple & Easy

Wool Rug in Dining Room

Wool rugs are easy to clean because of lanolin, an oily coating on sheep’s wool. When wool is used as a rug material, the lanolin keeps dirt from settling into the open pockets of the fibers. With semi-regular vacuuming, this means much less rug maintenance for you in the long run.


It’s easier to get stains out of wool rugs too. You’ll still want to take care of them as soon as you can, but water-based stains should lift without much effort. Oily or greasy stains will be more difficult. For emergency wool rug maintenance, read our guide to Care for Wool Rugs.


Dense Woolly Fibers Mean Unmatched Comfort

Soft wool rug

An obvious benefit of a wool’s plush depths is comfort. As cozy as it is beautiful, a wool rug is one of the Softest Area Rugs available. But the density of wool also makes it an all-season rug material. Because of their original purpose as a sheep’s coat, wool fibers are a natural solution for retaining heat in the home, providing much-needed insulation in colder months.


A wool rug’s bulk also makes it absorbent, convenient for keeping air less humid in warm climates. That absorbency is a double-edged sword, though. You wouldn’t want a wool rug in a bathroom or by a kitchen sink where it could get waterlogged and start to mildew.


Natural Hypoallergenic Benefits

Hypoallergenic Wool Rug

A wool rug’s high pile also lends it hypoallergenic qualities, trapping dust spores and allergens where they can be efficiently vacuumed up rather than floating freely through the air. Don’t expect a wool rug to solve all your allergy woes, but it can be a solid support to your overall anti-allergen strategy.

With so many advantages, you’re probably already dreaming of a hand-knotted wool rug fresh off the loom. Learn more about wool rugs and compare it to other types of rugs in our Guide to the Best Rug Materials.