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Why You Need a Window Valance

by Craig Blake

A simple window valance beautifully displays the windows

Although sporting a traditional window valance is often attributed to stuffy old mansions, this timeless style is being reclaimed by in-the-know hipsters who are turning the dignity of the window valance into a chic, contemporary look for every apartment, flat or home. You don't have to own an estate to hang curtains and window treatments. An increasing number of young, urban professionals are making apartments feel like home with window drapes to match their modern sense of style. No matter what your living arrangements, window valances can add a finishing touch to make your residence a home. There are a million reasons why you need a window valance, but here are just a few to help give the extra push you need to join the window valance revolution.

Why Buy a Window Valance:

  1. To introduce a dash of dignity: Every home can be enriched by the class that window treatment curtains can provide. Instead of just covering windows with boring blinds, make the window a contemporary destination spot with a fashionable window valance. Browse window valance ads to get chic window treatment ideas that can turn your entire room into a classy gathering place for likeminded members of the home decor upper-crust.

  2. To make your house a home: Not all window valances are designed to leave a room dripping in dignity; kitchen window treatments can add a homey atmosphere to any kitchen or dining room. Give your kitchen the warmth it deserves with window drapes on kitchen windows and window treatments for sliding glass doors. A window valance will make the kitchen or dining room an area where your family and friends will be happy to gather for a good talk or a hearty meal.

  3. To give bedrooms personality: Whether you want to add a little flavor to your bedroom or a children's room, a bedroom window valance is exactly what you need. Accent the rest of the room's decor with trendy or traditional curtains and window treatments. You can often find custom window treatments to work perfectly in whatever room you are hoping to enhance. You'd be amazed at the excitement a beautiful window valance can bring into a room.

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