Why You Need a Viscose Rug

Why You Need a Viscose Rug

Why You Need a Viscose Rug

Viscose rugs are mainly decorative, made to capture the sheen and splendor of a silk rug at a lower cost. If you’re considering a viscose rug for your home, read on for a full understanding of this rug’s best features.


Immaculate Appearance

viscose rug wall hanging

Viscose starts as a natural fiber and then goes through a chemical process, so it’s more evenly dyed and symmetrically spun compared to the inconsistency of true natural fibers. A velvety viscose rug can imitate the look and feel of most other natural fibers, even high-end linen and wool.


Viscose rugs tend to be on the small side, so they make great runners that can be placed alongside a bed or under a console table. Many people also eventually turn viscose rugs into wall hangings to preserve their beauty. Wearing slippers or socks around the house can also help protect this rug’s fibers.


Silky Soft Pile

Viscose Rug Blend

A viscose rug has a surprisingly thick pile that’s both soft and smooth. Heat can shrink the rug, but when viscose is kept in a cool, dry place, it thrives as an expensive-looking accent.


It’s important to remember that viscose rugs are delicate. This unique rug is meant for kid-free, pet-free zones or lifestyles. Even though most synthetic rugs are manufactured for strength and stain resistance, viscose fibers tend to wear at a faster rate. They’re not meant for wide floor coverage or high-traffic areas.


Fibers That Are Stronger Together

Viscose Rugs

Viscose can be blended with wool or cotton to make it sturdier and more practical for everyday life. Pay attention to product titles or descriptions that call out the combination of materials if the exact makeup of your rug is important to you.


Viscose rugs are sensitive to liquids, which can swell and twist the fibers. Moisture damage can ruin these rugs by forming yellow stains or causing dyes to bleed. When cleaning your viscose rug, try to avoid excess blotting and don’t use vinegar. Keeping rugs away from humid areas, like bathrooms, will preserve their elegant aesthetic.

While viscose rugs are comfortable and glamorous, they’re certainly made for a quieter crowd. Looking for a rug with a bit more flexibility? Check out our rug comparison in the Guide to the Best Rug Materials.