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Why You Need a Lingerie Chest

Why You Need a Lingerie Chest

You may not know you need one, but adding a lingerie chest to your bedroom has many benefits, such as freeing up dresser space to helping you organize your intimates. Designed specifically for undergarments and other delicate items of clothing, these furniture pieces can transform your bedroom. Here are five reasons you may want to invest in a lingerie chest for your own home.

Preserves delicates: The main advantage of a lingerie chest is that it provides proper storage for your bras, panties, and other intimates. Few things will destroy an underwire or break down elastic bands like being crammed in an over-crowded drawer. The drawers of a lingerie chest are the perfect size to store bras without bending and camisoles without wrinkling. Using a lingerie cabinet will help your lingerie hold its shape better and last longer.


Provides better organization: Rather than trying to place all your underwear and lingerie in a single dresser drawer, you can use a lingerie chest that offers several small drawers to keep your items better organized. You can not only separate bras, slips, and panties, but also arrange them by style or fabric. In addition, a chest will allow you to separate everyday items from more delicate ones worn on special occasions.


Frees up space in your dresser: Moving your underwear to a lingerie chest can give you more room for the rest of your clothes in your dresser. Rather than designating an entire drawer to lingerie, you can use the space for extra T-shirts or sweaters. By avoiding over-filled dresser drawers, you will not only help to prolong the life of your lingerie, but your other clothes as well.


Has a slim design: Most lingerie chests are designed as a vertical tower of narrow drawers. This design doesn’t take up much room and can free up floor space in your bedroom when you use it instead of an extra dresser. This slim design makes it easy to fit into your bedroom design. A lingerie dresser can fit in a closet, next to a bed, or even in a bathroom.


Offers versatile storage: In addition to being the perfect place to store your bras and panties, the small drawers of a lingerie chest can store more small items. If you don’t use all the space for lingerie, you can use your extra drawers to store scarves, socks, jewelry, and other small accessories.