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Why Desktop Computers Can't Be Beat

by Paul Sanders

High-performance desktop computer with double monitors

With so many portable computing devices, it can be easy to forget the advantages of truly powerful electronics like desktop computers. Desktops have distinct advantages over laptops, notebooks and tablets. Here are a few of the strong points for desktop PCs that you might consider when selecting your next computer.

Advantages of Desktops:

  1. Standardized components: Because space isn't as hard to come by inside a desktop computer case, manufacturers don't have to customize the shape of computer hardware that goes into them. This standardization of computer components means that it's easier to put together your own custom desktop computers and replace or upgrade various components. You'll have plenty of options if your desktop needs more memory, a video card or a second hard drive.

  2. Powerful computer hardware: Laptops have made strides in developing processing power, memory and display capabilities to match desktop computers, but they still can't match the most powerful desktop PCs. For high-performance software and storage capacity, desktop computers are still superior.

  3. Superior video editing: Video editing can be done on laptops and notebooks, but some machines will slow significantly under the heavy computing demands of video-editing software. Dual video cards and larger RAM capacities in desktop computers allow for fast editing with power left over to add special effects and store massive amounts of video data.

  4. Superior gaming computers: Some gaming laptops do rise to the occasion and can rival many desktop computers when it comes to playing high-end PC games. A portable gaming computer can be great if you travel to play with friends. But for a home gaming machine, a powerful gaming desktop computer with multiple monitors will provide a superior experience. Desktop computers can also hold multiple high-powered video graphics cards, allowing you to play games at the highest resolution possible.

  5. Home theater applications: Room for multiple hard drives and extra video cards make desktop computers ideal candidates to become media center PCs for your home theater. With media management software, you can use desktop computers as DVRs to record TV shows and movies. A built-in Blu-ray drive and an HDCP-compliant video card will let you watch high-definition Blu-rays on your HDTV through your desktop. Desktop computers are simply superior at providing high-power entertainment capabilities.

  6. RAID capabilities: RAID settings for multiple hard drives are pretty much exclusive to motherboards for desktop computers. If you plan on using a backup hard drive, or multiple hard disks together in one machine, RAID is essential.

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