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Which Shape of Bean Bag Chair is Best for You?


Boy on a bean bag

A comfortable bean bag chair can make any room in your home a more inviting place to relax. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so everyone can find the perfect one. However, with so many different kinds of bean bags and lounge bags to choose from, you'll need to make sure you know what kind you want before purchasing one. If you consider where you want to put your bean bag and what you want to use it for, you can easily select the right bean bag chair for your home.

Bean Bag Chair Shapes:

  1. Round bean bags: Round bean bag and lounge bags are what most people think of when someone mentions bean bags. They are shaped like a ball and come in a variety of sizes and materials. One of these would be ideal for a casual living room where people like to play video games and watch movies.

  2. Square bean bags: Less traditional than round bean bags, squares are newer to the bean bag scene. Constructed in the shape of a cube, a square bean bag is less of a bag and more of an ottoman. They can act as temporary seating or can be used as tables, foot rests or something to lean against. You can use them as seating or as decoration for your living room. Add these to more contemporary living rooms where you sometimes need additional seating.

  3. Game chairs: The game chair bean bag is usually wide and round at the base and tapers towards a point near the top, a shape that makes them excellent video game chairs. They provide a more traditional seating experience and sometimes have a contoured back. This is a good shape if you want a little more support than you would get from other lounge chairs. These are perfect for dorm rooms.

  4. Novelty bean bags: Kids' bean bags are in a category of their own. These bag chairs come in the shape of lips, animals, flowers, footballs and more. Novelty bean bags add a whimsical touch to any room and are typically enjoyed by the young and young at heart. Add one to your child's room for a place to read.

  5. Extra-large bean bags: Do you like to cuddle up with your loved ones while you watch a movie or read books to your child? Look for an extra-large lounge bag in an elongated shape. One of these will have room for two or three people. These are the perfect choice for large great rooms or home theater rooms where you have the space and you need to add some serious comfort seating.

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