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Wheeled Backpacks vs. Travel Bags

by Craig Blake

Travelers toting stylish wheeled backpacks

Most airlines allow flyers to bring a purse or backpack onto the plane in addition to their carry-on luggage. Wheeled backpacks are increasingly popular due to their large storage capacity and ease of transport. Others prefer smaller, convenient travel bags for their lightweight designs and easy access. Although both are excellent choices, they offer slightly different features to travelers. Before you choose whether wheeled backpacks or travel bags are best for you, consider their differences to make sure you pick the right one to fit your travel habits.

Rolling Backpacks vs. Travel Bags:

  1. Storage capacity: When it comes to general volume, wheeled backpacks are the clear choice. Whether you want kids' backpacks so your child can pack extra toys and homework or a larger wheeled backpack, you will get a good deal of additional storage space. This is helpful if you are taking a longer trip which requires more items, especially if you can't quite fit everything in your luggage. Although travel bags are smaller, their compact design makes it easy to retrieve stored items quickly. If you are traveling light and don't require large storage capacity, a smaller travel bag might be a perfect fit.

  2. Portability: Wheeled backpacks are conveniently fitted with wheels so you can either wear them on your back or roll them easily behind you. If you have brought many items on your trip, there couldn't be a more comfortable or flexible way to carry your extra stuff. On the other hand, travel bags are small, lightweight and easy to carry around a shoulder, arm or in your hand. Once again, if you don't need the additional space, travel bags are easily carried. If you think you might pick up some extra souvenirs on your trip, take a rolling backpack so you don't run out of space in your luggage. Otherwise, a travel bag will be plenty to carry your close-at-hand gear.

  3. Flexibility: Both rolling backpacks and travel bags have plenty of uses beyond the airport. A wheeled backpack can be great for either work or school, and travel bags quickly convert into durable purses. If you don't travel often but enjoy the flexibility, both wheeled backpacks and travel bags offer many different uses other than air travel. Consider rolling laptop backpacks, leather backpacks or backpacks for school depending on your lifestyle.

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